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Cape Cod

A recent extensive new analysis published in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports has more or less proven that the mysterious 1863 Cape Cod shipwreck is the 1626 Sparrow-Hawk small pinnace that sailed to the early English colonies but floundered at sea.		Source: Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports

Salvaged Cape Cod Shipwreck Wood is the 1626 Sparrow-Hawk, Says Study

Did the remains of a Cape Cod shipwreck found in Massachusetts in 1863 really come from the long-lost Sparrow-Hawk, a name given in the 19th century to a “small pinnace” vessel known to have sunk in...
Pirate skeleton

Six Pirate Skeletons From 1717 Bellamy Shipwreck Found!

Seaborne salvage operations at Cape Cod have recovered the pirate remains of at least six buccaneers who were lost at sea more than three centuries ago. At the time of their watery demise these...
A pirate burial ground has been located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

A Pirate’s Death for Me: Black Bellamy’s Drowned Crew Found in Largest American Mass Buccaneer Burial Ground

The notorious pirate “Black Sam” Bellamy sailed the seven seas, plundering and pirating, becoming the richest buccaneer ever known. But the crew drowned when their ship was wrecked, and the 102 lost...
Has Pirate Treasure of Notorious Black Bellamy Finally Been Discovered?

Has Pirate Treasure of Notorious Black Bellamy Finally Been Discovered?

One of the most fascinating pirate stories is the legend of Samuel Bellamy and his ship the ‘Whydah’. While the wreck of this legendary galley was discovered in 1984, much of its treasure has...
Pirate Bellamy sailing in search of treasure

Samuel Bellamy and the Treasure of Whydah

Samuel Bellamy was one of the most famous pirates of the Caribbean Sea. He was also lucky to finish his life on the sea on the ship which carried the greatest treasure discovered by the pirate...