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AI image of the three ships of Christopher Columbus: Santa Maria, Niña, and Pinta. Source: Charles/Adobe Stock

The History of Shipbuilding As We Know It

From the humble vessels of ancient civilizations navigating coastal waters to the majestic seafaring giants of the modern era exploring the farthest reaches of the oceans, shipbuilding has been an...
A diver from the underwater unit of the Naples Police examines a piece of obsidian on the seafloor near the island of Capri, Italy.	Source: Naples Superintendency for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape

“Neolithic Shipwreck” Was Likely Just A Canoe, But the Odd Obsidian Is Real

Over the past few weeks major news outlets have written about the recovery of a chunk of volcanic glass from a “Neolithic shipwreck,” of the coast of Italy. What you need to know, is that it was not...
Archaeologists have found an ancient canoe in Lake Neuchâtel. This find holds significant importance in advancing our knowledge of the region's prehistory.	Source: Cantonal Archeology of Vaud

Huge and Extremely Ancient Intact Canoe Recovered From Swiss Lake

In 2021, using a small plane, a team of Swiss archaeologists surveyed Lake Neuchâtel and spotted an unusual geometric shape in the water. Now, a well-preserved and intact 2,500-year-old wooden canoe...
Screenshot of recently discovered traditional waka canoe. Source: Screenshot/1 News

Delighted Maori Recover ‘Hidden’ Waka Canoe in New Zealand River

A long-abandoned waka , the traditional canoe of the Maori people, was recently discovered in the shallow waters of the Patea River in the Taranaki region of western New Zealand. Current estimates...
A contemporary seagoing decorated dugout canoe in the Pacific Northwest. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

1,000-Year-Old Native American Canoe Recovered in North Carolina Lake

Canoes have long occupied a special place in the tradition of the indigenous tribes of the Americas, particularly in the northern half. All along the Pacific Northwest, masterfully crafted canoes of...
The rare Maya canoe found in a Mexican cenote. Source: Oficina Península de Yucatán de la SAS-INAH

Rare 1000-Year-Old Maya Canoe Found in Yucatan Cenote

An ancient wooden Maya canoe, believed to have been used more than 1,000 years ago, has turned up in San Andres, in the Yucatan area of southern Mexico. Almost 5 feet (1.6 meters) in length, the...
The team of five paddlers crossed 200 kilometers of open ocean and the Black Stream in a primitive log boat. Source: National Museum of Nature and Science/Tokyo

Five Bold Navigators Master the Deadly ‘Black Stream’ Migration After 32,000 Years

A brave Japanese and Taiwanese rowing team has successfully replicated a 32,000-year-old ancient sea migration route in a traditional dugout canoe. After two failed attempts on Sunday afternoon, one...
Cypress Dugout canoe found by Randy Lathrop by the Indian River after Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma Uncovers a Rare Native American Canoe in Florida

Hurricane Irma is believed to have unearthed what could be a centuries-old Native American canoe along the Indian River in Florida. The canoe was discovered by photographer Randy Lathrop who happened...
An artist’s impression of the crannog at Monmouth by Peter Bere.

Prehistoric fortress island discovered on English-Welsh border

Archaeologists excavating a modern housing estate on the English-Welsh border in Monmouth, UK, have discovered an ancient fortress consisting of a wooden island with a fortified farmhouse elevated...