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Oblique aerial view of the central camp, from the east. Possible rectilinear internal divisions are visible on the left side of the enclosure. Source: Antiquity Publications Ltd/ APAAME

Undocumented Roman Army Camps Indicate Military Manoeuvres in the Arabian Desert

Chalk one up for the all-seeing eye of Google Earth. Using this global aerial imaging program as a tool of discovery, last year archaeologists from the University of Oxford identified the ruins of...
A crusader at his campsite  Source: dieterjaeschkephotos / Adobe Stock

Ancient Crusader Battle Campsite Discovered in Israel Is a First

A highways expansion project in the Tzipori Springs area in Galilee in Israel has uncovered fascinating evidence of a 12th-century Crusader battle camp. Exploratory excavations undertaken by a team...
The Storyteller by Martin Pate

Oldest Evidence of Tobacco Use Found at Ice Age Camp in Utah

Excavations at an Ice Age hunter-gatherer camp in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert have revealed the oldest known evidence of tobacco use found so far. The discovery took place at the Wishbone site and...
An aerial view of the 2,100-year-old Roman camp of Lomba do Mouro at Melgaço, Portugal. 	Source: University of Exeter

Oldest Roman Camp of Northern Hispania Found in Portugal

A vast 10,000-man Roman camp has been discovered in northern Portugal. Not only is it one of the biggest ever discovered, but it’s also the oldest ever discovered in northern Hispania (the name of...
The remains of the Roman marching camp were uncovered during building work. Source: GUARD Archaeology Ltd / Fair Use.

Evidence Of New Route Into Scotland For Roman Invasion Attempt

A school playing field in Ayrshire , in the west of Scotland, has provided archaeologists with multiple layers of archaeology topped with a Roman marching camp used in the Roman conquest of Scotland...
Roman cooking pot with most likely the remains of a cremated Roman Legionary, found at the Roman military camp discovered at Legio, by Tel Megiddo

Remains of Ancient Roman Soldier Discovered in a 1,700-Year-Old Cooking Pot in Israel

The remains of an ancient Roman soldier have been found in a 1,700-year-old cooking pot at a huge Roman camp in Israel. Archaeologists suggest that the camp is the only full-scale Roman legionary...
A Viking weapon workshop.

Viking Camp Complete with Ship Building and Weapon Workshops Unearthed in England

The craftsmanship and shipbuilding capabilities of the Vikings are often overshadowed by stereotypical images of violent invaders, plunderers, and explorers. But it is worthwhile to remind ourselves...
The ruins of the fortress near the ancient fortified city of Tell Habua (Tjaru) after recent excavations.

Archaeological dig at ancient fortress site in Egypt reveals massive gate and graves of fallen warriors

Remnants of an ancient Egyptian army camp and mass graves containing fallen warriors have been found buried in the desert ruins site of Tjaru by a team of archaeologists. The impressive size of the...
Roman Army & Chariot Experience, Hippodrome, Jerash, Jordan.

Oldest Roman Military Camp discovered in Italy was Built to Fend off Fierce Pirates

An ancient Roman fort has been discovered in Italy by researchers using advanced sensing technology. It is reportedly the oldest military camp built by the Roman army ever found, and the only Roman...
Massive Roman military camp in Germany

Massive Roman military camp unearthed in Germany

Archaeologists have discovered a massive Roman military camp covering 18 hectares near the town of Thuringia, Germany, which would have been used by a legion of up to 5,000 troops, according to a...