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Two Roman lead coffins were recently discovered in a quarry in Surrey.

Two Roman Coffins with Celtic Motifs, One Containing an Adult and Infant, Found in England

Archaeologists in England have made the rare discovery of two lead caskets from the Roman era but with clear Celtic influence. One of the coffins contains the remains of an adult and infant, probably...
Modern Pagan Long Barrow at All Cannings, UK

UK's First Pagan Burial Site In Over 5000 Years Is Hit For ‘Business Rates’. Is it Religious Discrimination?

Tim Daw, an innovative farmer from Devizes, Wiltshire, spent over £200,000 of his hard earned cash building the UK’s first ‘long barrow’ tomb in over than 5,000 years. Now he’s being charged “...
The hide constructed on top of the Neolithic cairn.

Scotland’s Longest Neolithic Cairn Destroyed by Bird Watchers

A 5000-year-old stone burial structure in northern Scotland has been deliberately ripped apart to make way for an unsightly red-neck bird hide, constructed from a wooden pallet and the canopy for a...
Oldest Human Burial and Polished Axe Unearthed in Ireland

Oldest Human Burial and Polished Axe Unearthed in Ireland

Archaeologists have shed new light on the belief systems of early Mesolithic hunter-gatherers after analyzing cremated remains and artifacts given as grave offerings from the earliest recorded human...