British Isles

Vision of Iron Age cremation

British Archaeologists Find First Ever Evidence of Cremation in Mesolithic era

Archaeologists have just a few ways to study how humans lived in the distant past; one of them is how people handled bodies after their loved ones died. In southeast England about 7,600 years ago,...
The Roman conquerors are waited for by the men of Albion.

Waves of invaders came to Britain but left few genes, new study says

People who came from prehistoric Germany, Belgium and France beginning about 11,000 years ago seem to have contributed the most genetic material to modern Caucasian Britons, according to a new study...
The Miracle of the Slave

Researchers chart thousands of miracle stories recorded about saints of the British Isles

A conference which took place in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge saw the launch of a project to categorise and chart the thousands of miracle stories...