The Wizard in the Wood: A Tale of Magic, Mystery, and Meaning


I have come to suspect that life … is magical. How else do you explain the language that has grown up about it: serendipity—coincidence—Déjà vu—foresight—extrasensory? Those are all descriptions of the supernatural. It’s silly to pretend that magic doesn’t exist just because we think we are too mature and sophisticated to acknowledge it. Michael knew that. He lived his life with the certainty that magic surrounded him. For many years, I forgot how to see magic. It disappeared from my experience. I am the poorer for it. But now that I have finally, and fortunately, discovered it again, I feel the need to tell you about how at least one man lived in the glow of magic, and taught a young boy how to do the same. Let me tell you the strange story of the wizard in the wood. If you’re lucky, it might change your life.