Stone Age Soundtracks


Read this book and be intrigued by boulders and stalactites incised with prehistoric rock art that ring like bells and gongs, a  Bronze Age “stone drum” alongside a Russian lake that can be heard for miles when struck, ancient rock paintings and petroglyphs that have secret “soundtracks”, Mayan ruins that emit echoes mimicking the calls of sacred birds, mysterious temples and tombs possessing eerie acoustic effects, Amazonian shamans who use subtle sounds to guide people through drug-induced visionary states, Stone Age musical instruments, megalithic sites that seem to move when subjected to certain sounds, and much more. Learn about the nature and effects of sound on the human mind and about the latest technical acoustical research that is uncovering new information about Stone Age monuments. Read this book and hear the old stones speak.

This is the first and currently only book on the newly (2003) officially recognized archaeological sub-discipline of archaeoacoustics – the study of acoustics in archaeological contexts.  Says Dr Christopher Chippindale in the Foreword: “ This pioneering study … really is pioneering: when I search 1,387,529,000 web pages through on the Internet for ‘Archaeology Sound’, the search engine produces nothing about it anywhere.”  Says Third Stone magazine: “Stone Age Soundtracks draws together a variety of seriously obscure sources … The book is a first peek into a dim and shady room … for now it’s the only book about acoustic archaeology, and is therefore highly recommended.”

Stone Age Soundtracks was issued as a companion to a TV documentary aired on Britain’s Channel 4.

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