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The Quest for the Tomb of Alexander the Great: Third Extended Edition


Uncovers a connection between a Macedonian funerary sculpture found in the foundations of the Basilica di San Marco in Venice and the sarcophagus of an Egyptian Pharaoh shipped to London from Alexandria in 1801. Traces their trails to show that both seem to come from Alexander's tomb in Alexandria. Now it is revealed that the sculptural relief was fitted to the sarcophagus, confirming the theory. The author writes: "When I embarked upon the deck of this Odyssey, it seemed to me that shipwreck was my eventual destiny, but now beyond the raging, roiling sea, I have glimpsed the shore of verdant Valinor unveiled before me. Though I may yet come to grief upon some reef, washed by waves of disbelief, I voyage on to vindication, my vessel's ordained destination. With greatness grazing on the verge of rediscovery, we may surely see the resolution of this mystery. So let my sail now be unfurled to catch the wind and win the world Alexander's long-lost legacy, the parted parts of his shattered tomb and battered body."