Moses Restored: The Oldest Religious Secret Never Told


It is an incredible time for history-lovers, Egypt-lovers, archaeology-lovers, and lovers of age-old mysteries that are on the verge of rediscovery. We have reached a point of historical convergence where artifacts, geography, inscriptions, memory and texts meet to reveal a greater truth and to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time: Who was Moses? In a shocking revelation that could potentially upturn the archaeological and religious worlds, my first non-fiction historical book, Moses Restored, shows how the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten lived on to become one of the most influential people in history: Moses. The problem of Moses is daunting and timely, for according to the most recent scholarship he never existed. This stands directly opposite the religious belief that he was real. My book provides a solution to this paradox by using detailed analysis to show how he and Akhenaten were one and the same, as the pharaoh abandoned traditional Egyptian polytheism and introduced the first monotheism. I have integrated modern archaeology and Egyptology with the latest in Torah research, reviewing topics of family, death, magic, writing, law, memory, religion, and the Exodus. Woven throughout is a narrative story of Moses, putting readers directly into the mind of this religious revolutionary. There have been countless biographies on both men, but this is the first complete biography, from cradle to grave, of the first monotheist in history.


With respect, Moses was b ~1287/1286 BCE. Moses was (self-)exiled age 40 (~1247124/6 BCE). The Exodus happened according tobiblical and archaeological data 1207/06 (Black Stone of Merenptah). Merenptah died in 1203 BCE. Moses was age 80 at the time of the Exodus.

Merenptah and Horemheb A were the grandsons of Raamses II the Great. This irrefutable fact is shown in the massive painted genealogical chart in Raamses II the Great's Tomb. Merenptah ruled the conjoint Upper/Lower Nile, while Horemheb A ruled over the Nile Delta. It is Horemheb A (with firstborn son Horemheb B) who is the Pharaoh of the Exodus, and his lost son Horemheb B.

Egyptology puts the 18th and 19th dynasties as linear, whereas the real truths of the whole 1295, 1292 period of taking back Egypt from the Hyksos and other invaders in the 1600s, had the cousins of Khaemwaset of the northern Nile Delta Amenhoteps/Tutmoses and southern Upper Nile Raamses as colinear. In fact, they warred against each other, and you can see who died on each side and their times.

As being colinear, it is Amenhoteps Aye who dies (or killed) by the Raameside Horemheb A, who then establishes himself over the Nile Delta. This entirely shortens down the entire "longevity" of Egyptian history, and now accurately restored actual history and timelines to that period of time.

Aye dies in those days before Horemheb conquests the Nile Delta. Aye ruled ~4 years. Tutanhkamon ruled ~9 years. Ankhenaton ruled ~17 years. Those years post-Ankhenaton are 13 years. 1207/1206 + 13 = 1220/1219. Ankhenaton then would have ruled ~1237/1236 - 1220/1219 BCE. Moses (General Tutmoses) would be 43/42 - 26/25 years old.

It is Horemheb who CORECTLY abdicates and gives in old age the Nile Delta to the grandson of Merenptah, Raamses ... who then and only then was their a single Egyptian pharaonic dynasty over the land. This error of Egyptologists has massively (and deliberately ?) bungled the history and dynasties of Egypt Nile Delta and the Upper/Lower Nile of Kmet.

It is said that Moses (Tutmoses) was an Egyptian General, and that he fought many and great battles, before his biblical mentions of returning back to his Israelite heritage, and his 40 year (self-)exile to Midyan (northern Saudi) Arabia and that of modern day Petra, Jordan. It would be the death of Raamses II the Great, that became the sending messaage to Moses to go back and liberate the Israelites. Raamses II died in 1213 BCE.

Moses is not Anhkenaton, however, it is entirely possible (and strongly accepted) that Moses did take from the Amarna era, and its contacts with the Midyan-Petra region adjoining the Nile Delta, such religious precents, as to what will eventually become the Israelite religion (of the Old Testament Torah).

Moses is not Ankhenaton, but the purified Egyptian religion IS the spinoff religion of the Israelites.

Є лише жидівська сатанинськса тоталітарна програма-ідеологія, придумана сатанистами-левітами. І більше нісого. А люди з розумом вивчають об'єктивну археологію і правдиву історію. Правда, ілюмінатська зграя блокує поширення правдивих знань і цькує чесних дослідників.

There is only the Jewish satanic totalitarian program-ideology invented by the Levitical Satanists. And more than a nose. And people intelligently study objective archeology and true history. However, the Illuminati gang blocks the spread of true knowledge and harasses honest researchers.

Not sure whether you are agreeing with me ... or shooting cocaine up your nose. People yapping their mouth about all the jewish cabal are just as much sock puppets to the puppet masters.

What I have said is validated in time and place. Ankhenaton is NOT Moses. I did give credit that Moses did convert this Egyptian faith into the Israelite religion.

Let it go - otherwise your are just trolling and not worth guvno.

Moses is over 100 years before Akhenaten.
Exodus is 1453 BCE, when Moses was 80.
Therefore he lived 1533 - 1413 BCE.
Joshua led the assault on Jericho in 1413 BCE and a burnt plank was carbon dated from there at 1410 BCE.
Akhenaten receives entreaties from Canaanite cities begging for military aid to counter the raiding Habiru.
Freud wrote a book saying Moses was Akhenaten and he was as wrong about that as he was about everything else!

Why is that when articles like these are written, it seems as though great lengths are taken to mislead the fact that these ancient civilizations were black civilizations. Let's not forget that when the Greeks invaded Egypt, instead of the conquerers forcing their way of life on the conquered, the Greeks adopted many of the Egyptian customs and philosophies and made them their own. The Pyramids had already been built, Algebra had already been invented, the wheel had already been in use, and Astronomy was already an area of intense study.

As to Moses. He went to Egypt to escape persecution of the Romans in Isreal and it is stated he went to Egypt in order to blend in with the Egyptians as to not be discovered. Well, if Moses were a person of Caucasian descent, he would have been spotted in 10 minutes in the hot, stifling desert heat.

I'm not writing this as a racist rant of any sort. I'm simply writing this comment as a reminder that Blacks have a long rich history long before Caucasians left central Asia for Europe. Notice I differentiate between Black and African. Not all Blacks are Africans as noted by the Aborigines of Australia or the Indians of India.

No "ancient Greeks" existed. As well as "Ancient Greece". There is absolutely NO MENTION about them and this country! The Greeks are mentioned, and they are the inhabitants of Greece - today's southern Ukraine, whose gods were Ell (Apollo) and Lada. No "Greeks" invaded Egypt, went there as liberators, Arians, at that time - the Hyksos. Arians are an ethnic group, inhabitants of a country that used to have one of the names - Aratta, which is Ariana, Aratta, now Ukraine. The core of which stretched from the Oder to the Don, the Caucasus. By the way, all Caucasian peoples are aggressive newcomers from the east. The Caucasus, Colchis - is the original land of the Aryans, as further east.
Egypt, inhabited by white Aryans, was captured by the Jews. As a result of the onset of black masses.

Oy vey! The Romans came into existence following Romulus and Remus (tomb recently located in Rome) and that is 700 years after Exodus! What have you been reading????
There is no doubt that blacks get the short shrift when it comes to ancient times. But they are not helped when you write drivel like this!
The Dravidians moved westward into the Persian Gulf in 6200 BCE. They settled the west coast of the Gulf, later called Dilmun. They colonized the east side of the Gulf and were called Elamites. (The Torah is wrong when it states that Elam was a Semite). They were the ancestors of the Sumerians, fused with Caucasian tribes. Later, at the time of the Flood, they moved south westward and became the Ethiopians. And they were black. But Moses was not.

Oh man, what a mess!
The Arians (Azilians) migrated from Doggerland in 6200 BCE, down the Danube, through Hungary, to the Black Sea, then north around the Black Sea to the Volga, then south through the Caucasus and northern Mesopotamia to the Persian Gulf. There they joined with the black Dravidians and the black Elamites to build the first southern city, Eridu, in 5400 BCE. This culture is called Ubaidian. It precedes Sumer by 1400 years.

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