The Long Journey: 400,000 years of Stone Age Science


Few books start with the intent of completely rewriting history. This book succeeds. The breakthrough introduced within this book has now helped decode the geometric patterns of Lascaux cave, explained the layout of the Great Pyramids of Giza, proven a Stone Age link between Europe and South America, rewritten our understanding of Stonehenge, created the foundation for understanding the earliest known written text, describes the location of all the world religious centers, and explains the lost religion of the Pagans; all by using just 8 simple easy to understand lines.

The most satisfying feature of this book is that the astronomical explanation put forward is consistent. It also does something that few works before have ever achieved and that is it permits the theory to be tested. In doing so the idea explains the many gaps that persisted in all earlier theories.

There is no doubt. This work is refreshing, and it does the impossible by looking at the problem scientifically without ever being boring. To do this, the story of world history is linked to a very intriguing person, the inventor Leonardo da Vinci. Here it is argued, using very compelling evidence, that just possibly Leonardo was one of the very last holders of a very ancient secret, a secret that may have passed down to him from 400,000 years in the past. A secret that may finally explain the mystery of Atlantis, and the enigmatic people of the Stone Age.

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