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Gods, Kings and Prophets (Time Maps Book 5)


Gods, Kings and Prophets (Time Maps Book 5)

The whole story of Egypt has taken about 7000 years. This roughly translates to about three hundred generations, or a hundred average human lifetimes. The Ancient Egyptian culture meets its natural end around the time of Alexander the Macedonian. However, it is such a magnificent flowering of the human spirit that we turn to it for reference to this day to lead us into understanding many other cultures around the world.

The rise and fall of empires, dynasties and cultures are patterns that we find in the recollection of events, but the patterns in ancient Egypt are repeated throughout human history, and in the mythology of many nations – the king murdered by his brother, the old king with a young wife, the assassination of a saintly king, the attempt by courtiers to take control of the kingdom, the king brought down by his ambition or pride, and many others, all very Shakespearean. On a larger scale there are social upheavals, cultural revivals, wars that lasted for generations, superb technical achievements, works of art that stimulated the ancient Greeks and hence influenced the world, as well as religious inspirations that helped shape the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition.

Written with a Mathematician’s precision and a Historian’s curiosity, Time Maps covers over millennia worth of developments & impacts of civilizations, migrations, leaders and continents. Illuminating concepts of societies, dynasties, heroes, kings and eras through incisive and thorough research, looking at ideas, theories & world views with a sense of wonder and delight.


Hi All,

It's funny, I thought I was seeing the Title of an Inspirational Book; that had been written by one of our Church Families Founder's till I looked again at and realized it said gods, King's and Prophet's and not Prophets and King's by Ellen G. White published by Pacific Press.

I am curious towards The Book's possibilities; but, would like it more if it was an E-Book attached to Ancient Origins instead.

Well that's all I have for now so until next time everyone Goodbye!

There have been multiple Gods since before writing was introduced. All cultures had multiples until Egypts' Aoctonactan about 1350 BC. The Israelites labored long and hard baking bricks. The new city he built downstream dedicated to his declaration of only one God named Aton for the sun where all power originates. This was the first culture immersed in one God. It didn't last long since the priests still maintained multiples, he died and they the city destroyed withy multiples restored. The Israelites still carried their multiples with them on their journeys. Don't forget that Abraham greeted 3 gods and walked with them.

Hi All,

About that Abraham was in the company of The Lord and his Angel's Genesis chapter 18, Jubilees chapter 18 both Texts testifies the two men with the The Lord were Angel's not gods.

True Angels live to worship the Creator this is apparent in Revelation John the Last Living Disciple of Jesus from the Original 12, in The Gospels; tried bowing before an Angel He was to take a scroll from The Angel stopped Him and said I am a Worshipper of God as well ( he wasn't being modest).

Angels were created by The Holy Trinity First and they can't be kill they live forever however if Angels were to behave like Lucifer who did wish to be worshipped and Sit on God's Throne come Judgement Day and The Lake of Fire Lucifer, the false prophet we'll not be living forever him and his fellow Angels are currently living on Death Row.

God Created the Angels from Fire & lightening and his Eyes that's why their not gods. By the way Adam in Hebrew means PEOPLE, are original Destiny by God we were to be Second Angel's on Earth it was to be our domain but, Lucifer & Gadreel arrived in Eden and of course Adam and Eve believed The Lies of Lucifer and Gadreel we lost Eden we lost our status as Second Angel's once Sin came in to play It Corrupted All Life on Earth.

Sin is a very unpopular concept but, not to me.

Well I guess that's all I have to say about that subject of Abraham The Lord and his Two Angel's not gods Angel's so until next time Goodbye!