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Footprint beds at Formby Point. Source: Jamie Woodward / University of Manchester

Footprints Exposed on a Merseyside Beach Reveal Irish Sea “Serengeti”

Hundreds of perfectly preserved human footprints, dated between 9,000 and 1,000 years old, have been exposed on Merseyside’s Formby Beach on the Irish Sea. And that’s not all. The ancient footprints...
Curious Tjipetir blocks have been turning up on beaches across Europe for decades. Source: Tom Quinn Williams / Tjipetir Mystery Facebook page

Mysterious Tjipetir Blocks Are Appearing on European Beaches

A woman was walking along the beach in Cornwall , England in 2012, when she by chance spotted a dark tablet in the sand. On closer inspection she noticed it was inscribed with a strange word, but...
The cache of coins uncovered by Yotam Dahan. Source: Ofir Hayat / Ynet News.

4th Century Coin Cache Found In Israeli Archaeological Hotspot

A cache of coins, weighing 6 kilos (13 pounds) in total, was discovered by a tour guide near west Israel’s coastal town of Atlit on Tuesday, the 10th of August. Yotam Dahan, the tour guide from Klil...
A new find on this day of digging at the medieval Wales site on Whitesands Bay, Pembrokeshire was a clay furnace which was removed from next to the ancient chapel wall (St. Patrick’s Chapel).

Medieval Wales: 200 Skeletons Unearthed At Forgotten Coastal Chapel

Archaeologists from the University of Sheffield and the Dyfed Archaeological Trust are currently working on a dig in southwest Wales that is literally a race against time. On Whitesands Bay beach in...
Neanderthal tools included shell scrapers. Source: procy_ab & Comugnero Silvana / Adobe Stock

Coastal Neanderthals Went Diving For Tools

Neanderthals are known to have used tools, but the extent to which they were able to exploit coastal resources has been questioned. New research shows they collected clam shells and volcanic rock...
Traditional totora reed raft usage is fading away.  Source: ecuadorquerido / Adobe Stock

Riding Peruvian Waves for 2000 Years on the Totora Reed Raft

Traveling on the dry windswept northern coast of Peru, beside a spectacular landscape, one finds interesting ways whereby people make a living. That’s how we stumbled on a strange little raft made of...
A rock surface containing a circular pattern with a central depression. Source: Science Direct.

Explaining Ancient Patterns and Sculptures on South African Beaches

One of the first things many kids – or even adults – may do when they are on a beach or dune is to make patterns in the sand or sculptures in the form of sandcastles. Many generations of humans have...
The shipwreck found on Tankerton beach last year is now protected.

Authorities Give Protection to a Rare 16th Century Tudor Shipwreck Found on an English Beach

British experts have announced an amazing discovery on a beach in Kent. A group of amateur archaeologists has found a Tudor shipwreck that is up to five hundred years old. The find was totally...
The oldest known message in a bottle was found on a beach north of Wedge Island in Ausatralia.

A New Find of the ‘Oldest Message in a Bottle’ Was Part of a German Experiment

Over 130 years ago a bottle was cast overboard during a voyage of a German merchant sailing barque… Before you get your head filled with romantic notions of pirates, shipwrecked souls, long-lost...
A petroglyph photographed on the Pine Trees beach of the Big Island in Hawaii.

Huge Waves Provide Rare Glimpse of Hawaiian Petroglyphs

The huge waves that hit Hawaii during the weather phenomena known as El Niño (El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO)) excite surfers and, on the odd occasion, rock art enthusiasts too. They know that...
A painting depicting the Irish potato famine

Bones of Children Found on Canadian Beach Reveal Tragedy of Irish Famine

Bones belonging to children have been discovered on a beach in Canada, their condition underscoring the desperate circumstances many Irish people fled during the Irish Hunger of the 1840s. The bones...