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Sekhmet at Rameses III’s temple at Mabinet Habu (abrilla / Adobe Stock)

The Enigma Of Egyptian Sekhmet And Leonine Deities

Typical of cats, the leonine goddesses of ancient Egypt, including Sekhmet are very elusive, despite countless research papers. A review of the attestations of the cult of feline deities in Egypt...
Baba Vanga, attributed mystic and healer who claimed to have foreseen the future and the Cave of Bastet in Bulgaria. Source: /CC-BY-SA-3.0, Natalya/Adobe Stock

The Expedition Sparked by the Cryptic Tale of Baba Vanga's Prophecy

Shortly before her death, the Bulgarian prophetess Baba Vanga is said to have whispered an enigmatic prophecy: “ The time of miracles will come, and science will make great discoveries in the field...
Cat mummy. (Justin Ennis / Flickr)

Cat Mummies Were a Big Thing in Ancient Egypt (Video)

In ancient Egypt, cat mummies held a special place in the religious practices of the time. The practice of mummifying cats and other animals was considered sacred . However, not all cat tombs were...
An artist’s imaginary depiction of a pharaoh burning herbs (possibly cannabis or blue lotus) in a ritual.

A Versatile Plant: What Were the Many Uses of Cannabis in Ancient Egypt?

Cannabis is widely considered to be one of the most widespread options when it comes to medicinal herbs. However, in ancient times the plant’s popularity was far greater, and its use much more common...
The Second Scorpion King of Ancient Egypt

Searching for the Lost Footsteps of the Scorpion Kings

There were two Scorpion Kings in the pre-dynastic period of ancient Egypt. They were forgotten by most of the world until Dwayne Johnson played one of the rulers in the famous movie ‘The Scorpion...
The wrapped cat mummy and the 3D reconstruction of what is hidden inside. Source: Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes

You Don’t Always Find What You’d Expect in a Cat Mummy

Gone are the days when a mummy had to be unwrapped to discover what’s inside. Improvements in medical technology and the application of that technology to archaeological research has helped...
Goddess of Egypt, Bastet. Credit: MiaStendal / Adobe Stock

Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet, Protector of the King

The wondrous world of Egyptian deities is filled with all manner of fantastic creatures, each one captivating in its unique depiction. This vast pantheon features hundreds upon hundreds of deities,...
Examples of Egyptian animal mummies in the British museum. The experts don’t know if the mummified animal found in Turkey is a cat, other animal, or a hoax.

Mysterious Mummified Predator Baffles Experts

Some people may not be aware, but animals have been mummified throughout history in various places, including Turkey in the Middle Ages. Niğde, Turkey is a site were researchers have recently found...
The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat

The Veneration and Worship of Felines in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians revered and worshipped many animals, just as the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Norse did, but none were worshipped as reverently as the cat. It was not until the Pre-dynastic...