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Barbarian tribes.  Source: Salsabila Ariadina/Adobe Stock

Rethinking Barbarians: Were They Really Savages?

The term "barbarian" has long been associated with images of savagery and brutality, conjuring thoughts of uncivilized societies on the fringes of the ancient world. However, the question arises:...
The barbarian warrior woman (Image: North Caucasus united archaeolog)

2,000-Year-Old Warrior Woman Discovered with Rare Gems

An ancient warrior woman has been found in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria wearing rare Roman jewelry. Believed to have been related to a warrior or chieftain, the ancient woman was...
Kublai Khan: Mongol Warrior, Horseman, Hunter and Powerful Emperor

Kublai Khan: Mongol Warrior, Horseman, Hunter and Powerful Emperor

Kublai Khan is perhaps best known for his establishment of the Yuan Dynasty , and may be considered as one of China’s most famous emperors. Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan, the founder...
Julius Caesar by Peter Paul Rubens.

“Veni, Vidi, Scripsi”: The Literary Conquests of Gaius Julius Caesar

A man who needs no introduction, Gaius Julius Caesar is more than well known for the stories he spearheads—namely, his numerous military victories. (Although, even his defeats somehow sound rather...
Huns in battle with the Alans, 1870s engraving after a drawing by Johann Nepomuk Geiger (1805-1880)

Merciless Marauders or Fearsome Fighters? The Terror Tactics of the Huns

Ruthless and unpredictable, few armies have been as terrifying as the Huns. Descending on a town like a whirlwind from hell, the savage horsemen killed indiscriminately – combatants and civilians,...
Pointing to Witchcraft: The Possible Origin of the Conical Witch's Hat

Pointing to Witchcraft: The Possible Origin of the Conical Witch's Hat

If one were to walk down a crowded street wearing a black conical hat, passersby would not question the wearer's intention. Obviously, the wearer would be playing the role of a witch. Yet as obvious...
Aerial view of excavations at the fortress in Ahtopol, Bulgaria.

Bulgarian City Named for Love has a Long History of Being Attacked and Bombarded

Archaeologists have excavated an ancient fortress on a small peninsula in Bulgaria occupied since at least the Neolithic and have found the Roman-occupied town was destroyed by barbarian tribes in...
18th Century painting by Pinacoteca di Brera of ‘The Meeting of Pope Leo and Attila.’

The Scourge of God: Did Attila the Hun Really Deserve the Nickname?

The Latin statement Ego sum Attila flagellum Dei , which means I am Attila, the scourge of God , is said to have been first expressed in 1387, and is obviously making a reference to Attila the Hun...
Roman Portus

Archaeologists Discover Why Romans Tore Down their own Imperial Palace

Portus was once a mighty port where 350 ships could dock at a time, supplying the Roman Empire with grain, wine, oil, slaves and luxurious goods from all around the world. The site also boasted an...