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Homo heidelbergensis facial reconstruction.	Source:	Labrado/Adobe Stock

Scientists Just Found Human Evolution’s Missing Link in Europe (Video)

Recent fossil evidence challenges the prevailing narrative of human evolution, shifting the focus from Africa to Europe's westernmost reaches. Conventional beliefs, rooted in the Out of Africa theory...
Ancient And Modern Cannibalism: A Question Of Taste

Ancient And Modern Cannibalism: A Question Of Taste

Of all the horrible and shocking things that human beings can do to one another, nothing alarms, disgusts, terrifies – or fascinates – more than cannibalism. The subject is intriguing, in part,...
Neanderthal DNA Recovered from Cave Dirt Using Breakthrough Technology

Neanderthal DNA Recovered from Cave Dirt Using Breakthrough Technology

Utilizing a new technique that allows for more precise analysis of ancient DNA, scientists have achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of paleogenetics. For the first time, they’ve been...
New Evidence Suggests Early Humans HIBERNATED In Caves, Like Bears

New Evidence Suggests Early Humans HIBERNATED In Caves, Like Bears

Did Stone Age Neanderthals wait out the coldest days of winter snuggled up safely beneath furs deep inside caves, in a state of suspended animation for months while the winds raged, and the snow...
Working tables of palaeontologists in a science museum, Spain.        Source: Joaquin Corbalan / Adobe Stock

A Site of Archaeological Treasure and Murder at Atapuerca, Spain

The Atapuerca archaeological site is one of the most important in Europe, if not the world as it has provided a great many relics and remains related to some of the earliest hominids yet found...
Individual XVIII teeth from la Sima de los Huesos, Atapuerca. Source: M. Modesto-Mata / CENIEH

Atapuerca Hominids Grew Much Quicker Than Modern Humans

Scientists have proven that tooth enamel developed much quicker in ‘other’ hominids groups. Fossilized bones and teeth tell scientists when organisms lived, and morphological differences provide...
Reproduction of Homo neanderthalensis. Museum of Human Evolution (MEH), Burgos, Spain.

Confirmed: The Hominins Found at Atapuerca are the Earliest Genetic Evidence of Neanderthals to Date

After decades of study and many assumptions, the analysis of nuclear DNA has finally confirmed the evolutionary lineage of the inhabitants of the Sierra de Atapuerca in Spain. For some time,...
Ancient European hunters face an Uro (European bison).

8000 Years of European Evolution Disclosed by Genome Study

Through the analysis of 230 samples of prehistoric genome, scientists believe they have identified the genes that gave rise to the European Neolithic revolution - with the transition from hunting and...
Neanderthal skull at Atapuerca - Spain

Ancient skulls belong to unknown species that preceded the Neanderthals

A new analysis of ancient skulls retrieved from a deep bone pit in the Atapuerca Mountains of northern Spain, suggests they belong to an unknown species that has characteristics of Neanderthals, as...
flin blade discovered caves Spain

1.4 million flint blade discovered in prehistoric caves in Spain

Yesterday we reported on a new excavation project underway in the caves of Atapuerca in Spain, a world heritage site which has already offered up hundreds of incredible items belonging to our...
Caves of Atapuerca - Spain

Archaeologists Seek Answers to Human Origins in the Caves of Atapuerca, Spain

Dozens of archaeologists are undertaking excavation work in the caves of Atapuerca in Spain to find remnants of our ancient ancestors dating back more than a million years. It is hoped that the caves...