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An ancient Roman gladiator. Source: Luis Louro /Adobe Stock

The Reality of Gladiator Life and Their Training (Video)

In the world of gladiators , once perceived as either heroic warriors or despised villains, their existence is marked by brutality and ritualized training rather than the romanticized notions of...
Roman legionaries building a defense wall (Travel Drawn/ Abode Stock)

Richborough Fort, Ruins Of The Gateway To Roman Britain

Two thousand years ago the Richborough Roman Fort stood on the Isle of Thanet, off the coast of Kent, separated from the mainland by the strategically important Wantsum Channel. This area of land,...
A gladiator stands before an arena filled with spectators. Source: Justinas / Adobe Stock.

What Being a Spectator at the Rome Colosseum Was Like (Video)

From the thunderous roar of the crowd to the heart-stopping battles between gladiators and exotic beasts, this YouTube video takes you on a journey back in time to experience the jaw-dropping...
The best-ever Roman amphitheater, a Roman Colosseum replica that could seat 15 - 20,000 has recently been discovered in a field in Western Turkey, complete with underground gladiator and administrator rooms.

Astonished Archaeologists Find Roman Colosseum Replica in Anatolia

While exploring the site of the ancient city of Mastaura in western Turkey last summer, archaeologists discovered something remarkable. Partially buried in the earth and further obscured beneath...
Gladiators fighting

Gladiators: Ancient Romans Loved Their Deadly Games

The ancient Romans were known for many things – their engineering marvels, road networks, and the establishment of Roman law. They were, however, also renowned for their war-like nature. After all,...
Sunset view of the Roman Amphitheater in Chester, England 	Source: Adrian / Adobe Stock

The Large Amphitheater of Chester and Rome’s Fruitless Expansion Plan

The arenas built by the Romans are without a doubt their most notorious monuments. They were the scene of public executions, where combats between criminals, prisoners of war and slaves were held,...
Ancient gladiator and image representative of the Flavian amphitheater        Source: Luis Louro/ Adobe Stock

The Flavian Amphitheater that Bought Emperor Vespasian’s Popularity

Amphitheaters were a large part of the Roman culture and they were built in many of their cities across their empire, such as El Jem in Tunisia, Nimes Arena in France, and Leptis Magnus in Libya...
Ruins of Anavarza (Anazarbus), Adana, Turkey.

Amazing Anazarbus: Digs Uncover Gladiatorial Ring, Triumphal Arch, and More in Ancient Anatolian City

The long reach of the Roman Empire was felt in southern Turkey , where in the town of Anazarbus the Romans erected a triumphal arch after defeating a Parthian force in the first century BC. And...
Inside view of the Pula Arena - Croatia

Pula Arena: Exceptional Roman Amphitheater in Croatia Still Alive and Kicking

The Pula Arena is a Roman amphitheater located in Pula, on the southern tip of the Istria peninsula, north-western Croatia. It has been estimated that there are around 230 Roman amphitheaters that...