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View of the Sahure pyramid from the outside at Abusir, Egypt. Right; Dr. Mohamed Khaled, project leader, during the excavations in the Sahure pyramid.           Source: Mohamed Khaled / Uni Würzburg, Sailingstone Travel/Adobe Stock

Eight New Chambers Revealed at the Sahure Pyramid

Described as a ‘very significant’ find, eight rooms, that probably accommodated royal grave goods, have been uncovered in the Pyramid of Sahure in Abusir, Giza. These chambers, obscured from the...
Egyptian commander’s tomb, sarcophagus and grave goods uncovered at Abusir, Egypt. Source: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

Excavation Unearths Unique Tomb of 6th Century BC Egyptian Commander

While performing excavations near the Giza Plateau , a team of Czech archaeologists from Charles University in Prague unearthed a tomb that belonged to a powerful Egyptian military commander who...
Canopic jars recently found at the Abusir site.	Source: Egyptian Antiquities Authority

Stack of Mummification Materials Found In Abusir Tomb

A large cache of materials and artifacts connected with the embalming and mummification process used in ancient Egypt has been uncovered in a group of extraordinarily large burial wells at Abusir...
Panorama of the tomb of Khentkaus III.

The Tomb of Khentkaus III: A Cautionary Tale of Climate Change?

The reign and remains of a recently discovered “Queen Mother” of ancient Egypt will provide vital new information about the civilization’s distant past, and may provide cautionary information for...
The Abusir boat.
4,400 years old Skeleton in Abusir - Egypt

4,400-year-old skeleton of top government official found in Abusir, Egypt

A Czech archaeological team has discovered a well-preserved skeleton of a top government official in Abusir, Egypt, dating to the fifth dynasty (2465 – 2325 BC). The remains belong to a man named...