Zhou dynasty

Chinese empress. Credit: wichansumalee / Adobe Stock

The Reign of Wu Zetian: From Concubine to Empress to… Emperor!

There are rarely any parts of our history more intriguing and interesting than the chronicles of ancient China . Full of unique cultural traits, obscure and colorful mythologies, and above all...
I Ching disk.

The I Ching: Ancient ‘Book of Changes’ That Provides A Personal Path of Balance and Harmony AND Predicts Your Future!

The I Ching (commonly translated as ‘Book of Changes’ or ‘Classic of Changes’) is an ancient philosophical Chinese text and one of the most important books in world literature. It is the oldest of...
The Great Wall of China near Beijing

The Great Wall of China Construction Project that Spanned Generations, Centuries and Dynasties

The Great Wall of China (known also as the ‘Wanli Changcheng’ or ‘10000 Li Wall’) is one of China’s most iconic structures. This is the longest wall in the world, and one of the largest construction...
Archaeologists excavate the Zheng State No. 3 pit in Xinzheng city, Central China's Henan province, on July 12. (Image credit: VCG)

2400-year-old Chariot Dubbed an Ancient Limousine Discovered in Central China

Archaeologists have recently discovered a "limousine" that once belonged to the Lord of Zheng State. The unusual find dates back 2,400 years and was uncovered by a team of archaeologists which has...
The chariot with horse skeletons at left in the grave (Photo by Chinese Archaeology)

An honored Zhou Dynasty warrior, buried with a chariot and horses, has been unearthed in China

There is a legend about the battle of Muye in 1046 BC, fought between the 50,000 soldiers of the ancient Chinese Zhou Dynasty and 700,000 from the Shang Dynasty. The legend says Shang soldiers were...
Chinese warrior with sword

3000-year-old bronze sword discovered in China

An 11-year-old boy was washing his hands in the Laozhoulin River in Gaoyou County, China, when he felt something hard and metallic. He pulled out the object and found that it was a rusty sword, now...