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Image representing ancient ancestors in field collecting food. Source: Joyce/Adobe Stock

How Did We Discover Fermentation? (Video)

The evolution of fermentation traces back millions of years, intertwined with the dietary habits of our primate ancestors . As they foraged on the forest floor, scavenging fallen fruits, they...
A refreshing looking glass of lager.	Source: Anastasiia/Adobe Stock

Study Shows How A Duke’s Jealousy Birthed Lager In 1602

Scientists scoured through old brewing documents searching for the origins of lager yeast. They discovered it was created in 1602 AD, when a jealous duke raided a brewery, after its childless owner's...
The world’s oldest brewery is located in Bavaria, Germany, established by Benedictine monks. Cellar scene with happy monks by Simony Jenson, 1904. Source: Public Domain

Weihenstephan: The Oldest Brewery in the World?

Humans have been making beer for thousands of years, but the oldest brewery still in existence wasn’t built until the 11th century. The Weihenstephan Brewery was founded in Freising, Germany in 1040...
Classic Belgian beer Source: freeskyline /Adobe Stock

The Classic Belgian Beer Secret? Medieval Super Yeasts!

Researchers have discovered a secret behind what makes Belgian beer so special – they include medieval super yeasts in their recipes! Steven Maere (VIB-UGent), has discovered that some of the most...
Ancient beer from biblical times and beyond has been brewed in Israel. Source: 9parusnikov / Adobe Stock

Researchers Brew Biblical Beer Using Yeast From Ancient Pottery

A multidisciplinary team in Israel believe that they have brewed ancient beers similar to those once drunk by Biblical characters such as David and Goliath . They were able to extract yeast, a key...
Traditional hand-made bread (gosphotodesign / Adobe Stock)

History Buff Bakes Ancient Egyptian Bread Using 1,500-Year-Old Yeast Scrapings

A history enthusiast has baked loaves of ancient bread based on an ancient Egyptian recipe and using an ingredient that was 1,500 years old – yeast scrapings taken from ancient Egyptian bread pots...
Black Donkey’s Underworld Ale.

An Ancient Irish Cave Gives Birth to a Fine Brew

In an ancient cave known locally as the “gateway to the underworld,” located near the village of Tulsk, Co. Roscommon, where legends tell of the birth of Queen Medb of Connacht, a team of scientists...
Detail of the painting ‘The Ale-House Door’ (c. 1790) by Henry Singleton.

Oldest Bottle of Beer in the World Recovered from Shipwreck Inspires Recreation of Historic Brew

A 220-year-old bottle of beer recovered from the Sydney Cove shipwreck that sank near Tasmania in Australia has inspired creativity amongst a team of researchers. They have used yeast found within...
Yeast research increase life span

Humans Could Live to be 800 Years Old

According to an announcement from PLoS Genetics, a team of Geneticists at the University of Southern California may have found a way to extend human life by 800 years and the dramatic discovery is...