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Illustration by John Tensile of the Dodo from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.” Source: Archivist / Adobe Stock

Scientists Plan to De-Extinct the Dodo!


Have you ever wondered where the phrase “dead as a dodo” comes from? Used to describe something obsolete, unimportant and unquestionably dead, the saying was inspired by the sad story of the long-dead dodo. First recorded by European explorers in Mauritius, the trusting dodo garnered a reputation as a bumbling fool and was extinct within a century of its discovery.

The dodo was a flightless forest bird, much like a giant ground pigeon, endemic to Mauritius off East Africa, an island with no human settlement prior to the arrival of the Portuguese in the 1500s. Thought to have originated millions of years ago in Southeast Asia, after sea levels rose the dodo existed in isolation.

Dodos are mysterious creatures. With limited remains and unscientific descriptions and drawings found in ship logs, scientists aren't sure what they really looked like. Without any natural predators, they evolved to be big, heavy and flightless – up to a meter (3.3 ft) tall and 20 kilos (44 lbs) in weight. Sadly, they had no fear of humans and couldn't escape hungry Portuguese sailors who nicknamed them doudo, meaning stupid.

After fascinating visitors, the last living dodo was spotted at the end of the 1600s, so much so that during the 18th century the dodo was considered an idiotic fictional creature, populating the pages of mythology much like unicorns and mermaids. Unfortunately, blaming victims for their own mistreatment and untimely demise has been a recurring pattern in colonial history.

Believe it or not, but these mummified dodo remains, on display at the Oxford Museum of Natural History, were the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland’s Dodo character. (Oxford University Museum of Natural History)

Believe it or not, but these mummified dodo remains, on display at the Oxford Museum of Natural History, were the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland’s Dodo character. (Oxford University Museum of Natural History)

We have Charles Dodgson, a.k.a. Lewis Carroll, to thank for popularizing the dodo. A frequent visitor of the Oxford Museum of Natural History, home to the only dodo soft tissue in existence - the Oxford Dodo – Dodgson included the Dodo in his celebrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1865. Legend has it that the dodo represented the author himself because, due to his stammer, he would introduce himself as “do-do-dodgeson.”

Carroll’s dodo brought attention to the first recognized human-induced extinction. Scientists believe dodos disappeared due to over-hunting, invasive species and habitat destruction. Dodos were also slow to reproduce, laying only one egg at a time, making them extra vulnerable.

Beth Shapiro and Ben Lamm announced plans to resurrect the iconic dodo, or Raphus cucullatus, which was last spotted in the 17th century. (Colossal Biosciences)

Beth Shapiro and Ben Lamm announced plans to resurrect the iconic dodo, or Raphus cucullatus, which was last spotted in the 17th century. (Colossal Biosciences)

Inspired by the dodo’s role as poster child of human driven extinction, Texas-based gene editing company Colossal Biosciences announced in January 2023 that they plan to bring back the dead-as-a-dodo bird through ancient DNA sequencing, gene editing, and synthetic biology.

This would be the company's first bird revival, following previous plans to revive the woolly mammoth. While some criticize de-extinction as “fairytale science,” these initiatives raise awareness, and funding, for threatened species and research into conservation efforts. The possible revival of the dodo, a species synonymous with extinction, could be the much-needed symbol of hope for envisioning a brighter future.

Top image: Illustration by John Tensile of the Dodo from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.” Source: Archivist / Adobe Stock

By Cecilia Bogaard



Pete Wagner's picture

Question is, all these devil’s helpers out there – forever bent on total control of our embattled planet, ...can they, at this point, see EVERYTHING going back to the beginning of their project to now?  Are their eyes and minds that proficient, and are their secrets that critical and that well-kept?  Or is it more a ‘us now’ focus, where the true truth has NO MEANING, their deception mechanisms render it null and void, not even a thing?  Can they/do they and know every honest, righteous, young/bold potential leader or budding movement that may rise to threaten them?  Or do they think, ‘nobody can threaten us, we’re too strong, and we’ll show you where necessary?  But are any of them functional in roles for more than say ...50 years?  Their new generations, who will step into roles for them, how well are they groomed?  Or do they just go by age-old maxims that they expect will keep working, pervading all their successes and sometimes follies, knowing people don’t change, suckers keep being born, and adversaries can be dealt with the typical ways, subsequently mocked and destroyed in the next version of history?  But is it NOT possible that they could get TOO CONFIDENT?  Could they one day se rise to something that they, in the current power-drunk state didn’t see coming, and their response is too little, and tables are turned, where they become the target of the mocking?  Hope is ALWAYS in the box, my friend.  Maybe something else in there too, ...a flashlight, or torch?

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

The resurrection of the dodo, thylacine and mammoths is but a cruel joke on humanity itself. The global forces ultimately behind this sacrificed many, many millions of human lives, as well as countless animal and plant ones during the 20th century and are committed to upping that to billions. This is already under way.

This has nothing to do with conservation, but religious extremism of the sort far beyond the desire of most of humanity to even seek to understand it one iota.

To understand it is to look face to face with the Devil, whether one believes in his existence or not, before or afterwards. It matters not whether he exists. It matters that those who worship him believe he does exist and aids them daily.

They exist in their millions. They live side by side with and you and you don't even notice. They communicate or recognise each other in code, such as through a bow tie with an Ancient Egyptian motif, or a hand signal in the shape of a pyramid, or by red shoes.

They speak in code, too. They say what they're doing and they don't, at the same time. They erected the Georgia Guidestones years ago to outline, yet obfuscate, their plans, then recently knocked them down to obfuscate them further. Their plan of a human population of no more than 500 million by 2030 was inscribed thereon.

That is seven years away. The vaccines are part of it. But so too was the writing of Carroll/Dodgson. So too, are famous environmentalists. So too, are some Hollywood elites of animal resurrection movies.

But not you. And definitely not I. Through skills I possess, I had the chance of joining in and surviving, but walked away having extracted information without being compromised. How so, I do not know.

The people who do their bidding are compromised. So much of Western and Eastern society is compromised. History is totally compromised.

Whether the Devil exists or not, I don't really know, but if he doesn't, his millions of followers are having a jolly evil time without him.

If Hell and Heaven exist, they shall be filled with those who didn't think they would ever be there. Hell, however, shall fill very quickly. That is the only thing these people fear. I have seen it at close quarters and shall never forget.

Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao etc all had one thing in common. They were just trial runs and scene-setting.

In the context of this, not a single smart alec response can truly bother. I stared down true evil in order to begin to learn about this. Smart alecs are like a dodo facing a Portuguese sailor. They are clueless to their potential fate and that of those they hold dear. One must shake one's head in disappointment.

I wish to be wrong. However, I know I am not. If one thinks one is an expert on a particular period of history, well, mine is this and it blows all else to shreds. Literally.

You have been warned. Question history immediately, or become part of it almost as quickly.

The vast majority shall choose the latter, because it takes no thought. History is told. It is not understood.

If it is too complicated for you (and those behind these ruses have worked long and hard to ensure that it may well be) rest assured you're going to need a lot of luck as things pan out, unless of course, you are an intelligence agent of the Occult elites themselves. In the latter case, you're fine, until you're no longer needed. Then the luck runs out.

The links are there. However, those who refuse to see them prefer to disparage those who do.

In short, I could easily write a book on the subject, but no literary agent or publisher would touch it, you wouldn't read it anyway and even if you did you would choose not to believe it, because it would otherwise shock you to your core.

I cannot help those who will not see the creeping totalitarianism that they embrace daily. However, I do try rather than do nothing. Perhaps, on this subject, the latter is all you have...

CATAIBH's comment was rambling, random and reasonably incoherent.  Good luck next time.

Pete Wagner's picture

Very little today is WITHOUT our big devil in their fuzzy detail.  But maybe this, forget the DODO, we don’t need more dumb things, or something else to slaughter, let’s bring back the ancient stonemasons!  Let them recreate their beautiful culture!  They’ll see the sand-swept Richat Structure/Atlantis, and of course they’ll ask what happened, ...and they’ll get blank stares.  And then roll their eyes at all the silly lies?  And maybe bring back a Roman, to see who they really were, ...if they really were.  But wouldn’t the pre-Ice Age humans (Neanderthal/Denisovan if you want to call them that) be the easiest and most interesting to bring back?  Pay the surrogate well, you’d get a long line of nice, young ladies thinking, ‘that’s the job for me, screw 8 hours-a-day working that checkout line!’

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.


Cecilia Bogaard's picture


Cecilia Bogaard is one of the editors, researchers and writers on Ancient Origins. With an MA in Social Anthropology, and degree in Visual Communication (Photography), Cecilia has a passion for research, content creation and editing, especially as related to the... Read More

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