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Roman legions at the last battle in the Second Punic War. 	Source: vukkostic/Adobe Stock

The Second Punic War – Hannibal’s Infamous Offensive

In the annals of ancient history, there emerges a clash of titans that shook the foundations of the Mediterranean world—the Second Punic War. It was an epochal struggle that pitted Rome, the rising...
Trung sisters riding elephants. Đông Hồ painting. (Public Domain)

The Trung Sisters – Venerated First-Century Freedom Fighters Of Vietnam

Trần Lệ Xuân, or Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu, the First Lady of the Republic of Vietnam from 1955 to 1963, once celebrated the holiday to commemorate the Trung sisters by riding an elephant in honour of...
The Mûmakil Elephant Slayers Of The Ancient World

The Mûmakil Elephant Slayers Of The Ancient World

In the ancient world elephants were worshiped as divine symbols, harbingers of good luck and the carriers of wisdom, but they were also deployed to intimidate opposing armies and as highly-...
The full skeleton of one of the Indian pet monkeys found by Polish researchers in a pet cemetery in the ancient port of Berenice, Egypt.                        Source: Marta Osypińska / Science in Poland

Pet Monkeys Buried Like Children In Ancient Egypt

Polish archaeologists have uncovered several skeletons of monkeys that were pets of ancient Greeks and Romans who lived in Egypt in the first and second century AD. The remains of these pet monkeys...
A 5thcentury Byzantine basilica at Adulis, Eritrea, excavated in 1914   Source: Stanley, D/CC BY 2.0

Slave Trade and Exotic Animals Made the Ancient Port of Adulis Rich

The Red Sea coast has traditionally been one of the world’s great crossroads for trade and a meeting place of cultures. Because of this, there are many notable ports on this north-eastern coast of...
Sultan Bayezid is defeated by Timur at Ankara

Empires Clash with Fire and War Elephants! Changing the World, and the Battle of Ankara – Part II

The bloody Battle of Ankara was fought on 20 July 1402. The Ottomans were led by Bayezid I, who brought his troops against the Turkic Mongols (Timurids), led by Timur, also known as Tamerlane. Two...