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volcanic eruption

Mount Io, one of the still-active volcanoes

Researchers of Largest Volcanic Eruption in History Honored by Antiquity

The prestigious Antiquity Trust has just announced its decision to award its Ben Cullen Prize for innovative archaeological research to a team of experts who studied the impact of a massive volcanic...
Fijian oral tradition records that this hole was made when a spear was thrown by one god at the other, on the north coast of eastern Kadavu.	Source: Author Supplied/The Conversation

A Volcano Eruption Changed Lives in Fiji 2,500-years-ago. 100 Generations Have Kept the Story Alive

Patrick D. Nunn /The Conversation Can you imagine a scientist who could neither read nor write, who spoke their wisdom in riddles, in tales of fantastic beings flying through the sky, fighting each...
Pompeii. Source: dbvirago / Adobe Stock.

Pompeii Unveiled: Discovering the City's Most Amazing Secrets (Video)

Pompeii is one of the most fascinating and unique archaeological sites in the world. Buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the city lay hidden for centuries until its rediscovery in the...
The casts of two men, believed to be a master and his young slave, have been unearthed in the excavation of a villa outside Pompeii. Source: Parco Archeologico di Pompei

Tragic Remains of Master and His Slave Found in Pompeii

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a master and his slave from Pompeii , victims of the cataclysmic volcanic eruption that destroyed the city. They were found in the heart of the ruins of...
Researchers Find Ilopango Mega-eruption Caused A Maya Armageddon

Researchers Find Ilopango Mega-eruption Caused A Maya Armageddon

A new scientific study of an ice core sample from Greenland has demonstrated how the Central-American Ilopango mega-eruption wiped out an entire Maya area, 1,590 years ago. Oxford University...
Some of the victims of Pompeii were sitting, some lying when the superhot gas cloud enveloped them.

Frozen in Time: Casts of Pompeii Reveal Last Moments of Volcano Victims

The plaster casts of 86 agonized victims of the Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD near Pompeii will go on exhibit May 26, 2015, in National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Italy. People of Pompeii, a...