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AI image representing psychiatric disorders.	Source: anas/Adobe Stock

Ancient Viral DNA in the Human Genome Linked to Major Psychiatric Disorders

King’s College London New research led by King’s College London has found that thousands of DNA sequences originating from ancient viral infections are expressed in the brain, with some contributing...
Top image: Colony of microbes, representational image. Source: iarhei / Adobe Stock

What Could Go Wrong?! 48,500-Year-Old Siberian Virus is Revived

The world’s oldest known frozen and dormant virus has been revived in a French laboratory leading many to express concerns about the dangers of bringing to life ancient microbes. The virus was...
A roughly 2000-year-old mummified man of the Ansilta culture, from the Andes of San Juan, Argentina, had lice eggs and cement in his hair which preserved his own DNA.		Source: Universidad Nacional de San Juan

Head Lice on South American Mummies Shed Light on Ancient Virus Spread

The scientific understanding of ancient South American ancestry and the future of DNA research just got a whole lot clearer thanks to mummy hair lice. Two thousand years ago the pre-Columbian Ansilta...
This is what the human papillomavirus looks like in the body. The latest research has indicated that modern humans got HPV from interbreeding with Neanderthals in Eurasia. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection globally.                Source: Naeblys / Adobe Stock

Neanderthals Passed Human Papillomavirus to Homo Sapiens in Eurasia

It is well-known that modern humans interbred with Neanderthals during the time they co-existed in Europe and Asia. A 2018 study revealed an interesting and intriguing detail about that interbreeding...
Neanderthals Were Likely Battling the Common Cold 700,000 Years Ago!

Neanderthals Were Likely Battling the Common Cold 700,000 Years Ago!

Evidence has emerged that the common cold virus has been around for longer than previously believed. A lot longer, in fact. In a study published online in the open access journal bioRxiv , a team of...
Ancient Coronavirus Pandemic Evidence Found in Asia

Ancient Coronavirus Pandemic Evidence Found in Asia

Studying the human genome gives us a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of human DNA over time. Modern technology permits scientists to discover and understand certain diseases that potentially...
Neanderthals vs Homo Sapiens

Neanderthal viruses dating back 500,000 years discovered in modern human DNA

A new study published in the journal Current Biology has discovered a link between viruses present in Neanderthals and Denisovans half a million years ago, and modern diseases such as AIDS and cancer...