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Hide tanning in Morocco. Source: Jorge / Adobe Stock.

Ancient Tradition of Hide Tanning is a Foul and Dirty Job (Video)


In the ancient alleys of Fez, Morocco lies a 600-year-old tannery infamous for its foul stench. The tannery is a place where animal hides go through a filthy and smelly process to be transformed into supple leather. Every day, workers like seventeen-year-old Mohsin follow in the footsteps of countless generations before them to carry out the task. Mohsin's father Abdel has been breathing in the tannery's odors for over three decades.

The process is dirty and strenuous, with workers having to wade into vats of excrement and use their toes and heels to knead the skins. But despite the challenging work and the health risks that come with it, Mohsin appreciates his job and its benefits. With the reward of just a few dollars a day, workers at the tannery produce a product to be proud of - supple leather that will go on to be used in various industries.

Top image: Hide tanning in Morocco. Source: Jorge / Adobe Stock.

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