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Saturn's Largest Moon Titan - A World Much Like Earth

"Over a billion kilometres away, Saturn's largest moon, Titan, holds tantalising clues to how life began here on Earth ...

Now visible beneath the impenetrable orange haze, Titan appears to look a lot like Earth. The images beamed back from over a billion kilometres away show lake beds, river channels, gulleys and canyons. But these river channels are gouged not by water, but by a rain of liquid methane. The surface itself is not made of rock, but of solid ice, and Huygens' landing site was strewn with small round ice pebbles, lying in a bed of icy sand grains. Although home to a somewhat cold alien chemistry, in many respects Titan is driven by exactly the same geological and meteorological processes that shape and contour our own planet. Titan is certainly a place like home."

You can read the description here.