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Illustration of a great war leader commanding the vast Mongol army on horseback. Source: Kien/Adobe Stock

How Successful Was the Mongol Empire? (Video)


The Mongol Empire, at its zenith, rivaled the British Empire in territorial expanse, controlling around twelve million square miles of land.

Emerging in 1279, the Mongol Empire surpassed the Roman Empire in size, reshaping history with the establishment of Pax Mongolica. Often associated with conquest and violence, the Mongols, under Genghis Khan's leadership, sought more than territorial expansion. Surprisingly tolerant, they allowed conquered cultures to maintain traditions while upholding their own nomadic identity.

The roots of the Mongols trace back to the harsh Mongolian plains, where nomadic tribes thrived after domesticating horses around 3500 BC. Despite periods of chaos, leaders like Abaoji unified Mongolic tribes, introducing innovative administrative reforms. Genghis Khan, born into adversity, emerged as a charismatic and strategic leader, unifying the steppes in 1206 and establishing the Mongol Empire.

Genghis Khan's military prowess extended beyond Mongolia. Initially drawn to China, he secured victories against the Xi Xia state and the Jin Dynasty, adding vast wealth and cultural knowledge to the empire. Turning west, Genghis Khan confronted the Qara Khitai and, unintentionally, the Khwarezmian Empire. Despite attempts at peaceful relations, conflicts ensued, leading to the rapid conquest of Khwarezmia.

Genghis Khan's death in 1227 marked the beginning of the empire's decline, ultimately crumbling by 1368 due to internal power struggles. While short-lived, the Mongol Empire's success and impact on global history endure, reflecting a complex narrative beyond the stereotype of merciless conquerors.

Top image: Illustration of a great war leader commanding the vast Mongol army on horseback. Source: Kien/Adobe Stock                   

By Robbie Mitchell

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