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Interview with Walter Cruttenden – The Lost Cycle of Time

In this interview with ancient-origins, Walter Cruttenden, author of ‘Lost Star of Myth and Time’ and writer producer of the award winning documentary film ‘The Great Year’, explores the natural cycles of time and how they impact on the human consciousness and all life, resulting in the legendary rise and fall of the ages over great epochs of time. Walter provides insight into the ancient legend present in many civilizations and cultures around the world, which says that the celestial cycles of the universe produce alternate Dark and Golden Ages, which Plato called The Great Year.

CPAK 2014 Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge | October 17-19 | Register at


rbflooringinstall's picture

The evidence is right there in history if you just look in the right place.

Peace and Love,


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Wonderful interview and information! I've always wondered what caused the drop off in technology and why people woke up one day in the dark ages and forgot how to do basically everything! School sure doesn't explain it as well as this gentleman did!!

love, light and blessings