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Hanging gardens of Babylon. Source: Trendy Image Two / Adobe Stock.

The Wonders of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Video)


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a marvel of ancient Babylonian architecture, emerged around 600 BC, a testament to King Nebuchadnezzar II's devotion to Princess Amitis of Media. Consolidating the realms of Babylon and Media, the king sought to ease his queen's nostalgia for the lush mountains of her homeland. In response, a grand pyramid of terraced steps, adorned with exquisite columns, rose to form the enchanting Hanging Gardens. Overflowing with a vibrant array of fruits and flowers, the verdant oasis captivated visitors, a reminder of Babylon's unparalleled wealth.

Despite historical accounts attesting to its existence, the gardens' reality remains a mystery, with a lack of Babylonian documentation and archaeological evidence adding to the mystery. Speculation surrounds the gardens' demise, with earthquakes emerging as a leading hypothesis. Although this botanical wonder has vanished, the tale endures, a timeless narrative of love and opulence in the heart of the Babylonian Empire.

Top image: Hanging gardens of Babylon. Source: Trendy Image Two / Adobe Stock.

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