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Queen Mary I of England. Source: Yuri A/ / Adobe Stock.

The Ruthless Things Queen (Bloody) Mary Did (Video)


Queen Mary I of England, often known as "Bloody Mary," ruled during a turbulent period in history. She is infamous for her brutal persecution of those who did not follow the Catholic faith. Mary's reign saw a dark chapter in England's history, marked by mass executions, burning at the stake, and the relentless pursuit of religious conformity. One of the most chilling aspects of her rule was her fervent determination to eradicate heresy. Mary's zeal for the Catholic faith led to the execution of hundreds of individuals who refused to abandon their Protestant beliefs. Notably, Thomas Cranmer, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, fell victim to her religious purges.

Mary's marriage to Philip of Spain raised concerns among her subjects. Many feared that England would become subservient to the Habsburg Empire and the Pope. Mary's unwavering pursuit of this marriage even led to a rebellion led by Lord Wyatt, which she ruthlessly crushed, executing him and 90 others as a grim warning to potential dissenters. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of Mary's reign was her ruthless treatment of her own family. She imprisoned her sister, Elizabeth, in the Tower of London and uncovered a plot to overthrow her. Those involved in the conspiracy met a gruesome end at the stake.

Top image: Queen Mary I of England. Source: Yuri A/ / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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