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Representational image of a Pyrrhic Victory and a bloody battlefield. Source: Mr. Bolota / Adobe Stock

King Pyrrhic’s Costly Conquest that Inspired the Term “Pyrrhic Victory”

The term “Pyrrhic Victory” stands as a testament to the intriguing and often paradoxical nature of warfare. Originating within the victories of the Greek king Pyrrhus of Epirus, this term has found...
Roman era coin found in England, provisionally dated to 3rd century AD.

An ‘Absolutely Stunning’ Roman Gold Ring Is Unearthed In England

An amateur treasure hunter has made a ‘stunning’ find from the Roman era in the south-west of England. With the help of a metal detector, the man discovered a golden ring at a site being investigated...
Ramses II at his chariot falls upon the Nubians

Blood and Victory: The Battle of Kadesh, a Clash of Titans – Part II

The stage is set for a showdown between two giant armies – the Egyptians, with the greatest pharaoh of history, Ramses II, and the Hittites, with their impressive army and persuasive king, Muwatalli...
: Deriv; Portrait of Gustav II of Sweden and his death on November 6, 1632.

“Lion of the North” Gustavus Adolphus and the Thirty Years’ War: Victories and Downfall – Part II

This is the recounting of the dramatic life of the “The Golden King” and “The Lion of the North” Gustav Adolf, and the Swedish Empire during stormaktstiden – “the Great Power era”. As Gustav II Adolf...
The Christ of Victory in the Concatedral de Santa María in Vigo, Galicia, Spain.

Storms, Religious Persecution, and War: The Arrival of a Famous Spanish Christ Statue

Every year, on the first Sunday in August thousands of Galicians take part in a spiritual journey. They travel through the city streets of Vigo with the religious treasure of their hometown – a large...