El Tajín

El Tajín, The Lost City of a Mysterious People

In recent decades many lost cities have been uncovered by archaeologists or explorers. One of the most mysterious is the ancient city of El Tajín in the state of Veracruz, Mexico . The city was...
Graves and Pyramids in Mexico

Construction workers stumble upon 2,000-year-old Ancient Settlement in Mexico

Construction work taking place in the town of Jaltipan, southeast of Veracruz in Mexico, has uncovered an ancient settlement dating back 2,000 years . So far, archaeologists have found 30 skeletons,...
Petroglyphs at Veracruz, Mexico

Interesting petroglyphs found in Mexico

Petroglyphs found in Veracruz, at the foot of mountain Cerro del Sombrerete appear to depict a priest or another type of man dressed in some type of a ceremonial suit. A set of petroglyphs were...