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Theodore A Holden

Recently retired after a 40-year career in computer software development which included major roles in a number of high-profile US military projects including BRAAT (Base Recovery After Attack), the US Navy Document Interchange Format (DIF) project and a number of others. Mr. Holden has also been involved in neo-catastrophist studies and ongoing efforts to understand the prehistory of our planet. He is the author of “Dinosaurs, Gravity, and Changing Scientific Paradigms” which was the first work to make a scientific case for attenu ated gravity being a factor in the sizes of sauropod dinosaurs. Mr. Holden's works were featured on a prime-time television production about gravity which was shown throughout Japan in 2004.

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The Ganymede Hypothesis

The Ganymede Hypothesis - Part 3: Ganymede

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Ganymede - Dark and bright sides of the ancient system

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The Ganymede Hypothesis

The Ganymede Hypothesis - Part 1: The Original Double Solar System

Consider the axis tilts of planets in our system. If our system had formed from a swirling disk of solar material as textbooks claim, all axial tilts should be approximately the same, that is, all...
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