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Mahbod Khan Bolouki

Mahbod Khan Bolouki was born 1989 in Helsingborg, Sweden. He is the oldest child of two brothers. Early in his childhood he developed a big interest for music and science. He started to play the guitar when he was 6 years old which eventually led him to play in various bands while also learning to play various Persian instruments. His interest in science resulted in him attending one of the main scientific high schools in Helsingborg. During his teenage years, he found a profound interest in Archeology and History, in particular Iranian and Mesopotamian Archeology. On the basis of his interests, he had to choose whether he wanted to study Archeology or Molecular Biology. He eventually decided to study Molecular Biology at Lund University in 2008 which three years later resulted in a Bachelor's degree. In the summer of 2013 he made an internship in Hamburg, Germany and in spring 2014 he moved to Stockholm and started to work on his Master's degree project regarding Alzheimer's Disease at Karolinska Institutet. This resulted in a Master's degree in Molecular Biology with specialization in Medical Biology. In parallel to studies, Mahbod also produced electronic music and kept his interest for Archeology which now results in him being one of the authors of Ancient Origins.



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