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Anthony calls himself an investigative historical reporter and claims family research is one of the most difficult endeavours of his journalistic career.  He received his diploma in Journalism from Niagara College in Canada in 1983. He has worked on several regional newspapers in Ontario and Alberta.  He also worked at Carswell Legal Publishing (Thompson Newspapers) in Toronto writing exclusively in the field of employment law and human rights.  His work expanded into small business start-up and environmental studies.

His ebook, <em>The Tribe Within </em>is available through For those visiting Toronto, Canada this ebook is available for free with the purchase of Clan Ale beer from Radical Road Brewing Co. in (Leslieville) Toronto <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>.  This “book and beer” world premiers on Robbie Burns Day,  January 25, 2018.

Anthony lives in Niagara, Ontario Canada with his wife Theresa and is active with three children and four grandchildren.  His family emigrated from County Cork Ireland in 1825 to eastern Ontario as part of the Peter Robinson Expedition.

eBook:       <em>The Tribe Within       </em>


In January 2011 scientific research discovered a DNA Celtic marker representing a tribal ancestry 2,500 years old. Tribe R1b-L513 frequently match 400 common (but not-so-ordinary) family surnames whose origins can now be traced from Roman times to the 21st Century.

Now tens of thousands of people have been confirmed with this DNA strand connecting a pattern of about 400 ancestral families who were related to each other from around the years 500 to 1200 CE.  Each surname is like a page of this tribe’s history revealing an astonishing story of how they are all connected.

DNA provides an opportunity to view history without prejudice.  Science, without perception of sterotyples, sifts through centuries of historical distortion to present original truth.  This revealing story encourages others to re-examine their own histories and thereby re-define their heritage.  More than anything else, <em>The Tribe Within  </em>is a quest of self-discovery.

This eBook, updated January 2018, brings the story full circle answering many unsolved questions.  Follow Anthony Murphy Barrett’s journey as he takes readers from 60 BCE to the beginning of their family names. Discover how science and history can now piece together these family origins to reveal amazing patterns of migration, human achievement and spirituality.  This tribe’s descendants could represent over 20 million people today.

<em>The Tribe Within</em> is attracting a lot of attention: It ranks #1 "Best Seller" in Family History; #2 "Best Seller" in the History category; makes Top 75 "Best Sellers" list in Nonfiction; and it's just a little shy of the "Top 100 Best Sellers" list (#115) for all books sold on Smashwords which has over 334,000 eBooks for sale.

<strong>What readers are saying:</strong>

<em>“Your work about R1b-L513 is original and very interesting in my opinion. What astonished me is the story of Saint Padarn [in relation to my own research of this tribe].  I’m happy to know that we have common ideas about [this tribe].”</em>
– Dr. Pierangelo Favero Phd., Specialista Endocrinologo, Universitaria di Udine, Italy. Author of “La dea veneta”.

<em>“Your book blew me away!”</em>
– Mrs. Nicholson

<em>“I greatly enjoyed your book.”</em>
 –Matt Markwick from Australia: reader and contributor to 3rd edition .

<em>“You have taken the lead in our common ancestry research and believe me I do appreciate it. I am a high school history teacher and talk about genetic history to may students! I give them assignments to figure out their own heritage and how each of us may be related. Thank you.” </em>– Mike Gambill.

<em>“I really enjoyed your book.”</em> – Barbara Douglas.

<em>“I found your book fascinating,” </em>– Janet Flemming from Australia.

From scientific community studying R1b-L513:
<em>“Wondered if anyone else had come across this.  It's a book by Tony Barrett, who has posted here and elsewhere on L513. Many congratulations to Tony on a considerable piece of research, and an impressive final product. The thing that strikes me about it is the point that despite all the various theories of tribal origins, in actual fact, more than one, if not all, could be true at once. Whether or not you agree with his argumentation, the fact remains that it is at least feasible that some/all of the various origin theories put forward could have truth in them.”</em> – Sharpie1977 on Yahoo Science Group R1b-L513.

<em>“I enjoyed your read! I am happy to see Garvey and Burns addressed so well. Your observation about the Domesday book is spot on." </em>
– family researcher: Brad Maguire, ISOGG member, Airghialla Mag Uidhir Project Admin from familytreedna.

<em>"If you haven't read this book [The Tribe Within], you should!"</em> –

<strong>Four years of research:</strong>

Almost 700,000 people have paid to have their ancestral DNA traced.

<em>The Tribe Within </em>is their ancient story.


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