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Charles Moseley

Dr Charles Moseley is an English writer, scholar, and teacher. He grew up on the Lancashire coast, and went on to read English at Queens’ College Cambridge (BA). He then received his PhD (entitled " Mandeville's travels: a study of the book and its importance in England, 1356–1750 ") from the University of East Anglia in 1971. He is a former Fellow of Wolfson College, a Life Fellow of Hughes Hall in Cambridge, and a Fellow of the English Association and the Royal Society of Arts.

His varied career includes being a printer, a publisher (Cambridge University Press) and a ‘peasant’ (caring for a smallholding in Reach, within the Cambridgeshire Fens for more than 20 years). He is passionate about education and has spent many years teaching English literature to his students and attempting to persuade them to take this pursuit seriously.  His most recent books include Etheldreda's World - Princess, Abbess, Saint  (Merlin Unwin Books), Crossroad: A pilgrimage of Unknowing (Darton, Longman and Todd), Engaging with Chaucer: Theory, Practice, Reading (Berghahn: New York and Oxford, 2021) and a nature book inspired by his Fenland village home, To Everything a Season (Merlin Unwin Books).

Photo credit: Rosanna Mosley-Gore


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