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Hugh Evans

Hugh Evans studied Astrophysics at university, graduated in aeronautical engineering, subsequently qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. He now applies his scientific interest, engineering rigour and professional scrutiny to a lifelong passion for history and the stars; offering a new perspective and rediscovering the story of the ancients.


Hugh has invested thousands of hours of painstaking research, site visits, hieroglyph interpretation and language translation to identify all the features of the present zodiac and circumpolar constellations across the land features of Gwynedd, North Wales. Thousands of years older than the Babylonian and Egyptian zodiacs, perhaps even older than Gōbekli Tepe, the features on the ground in North Wales actually determined the choice of stars for the constellations in the heavens above.


In rediscovering the origin of the modern constellations, so too has been rediscovered the 'cipher' connecting the history of the modern world we know and understand, to the pre-history world of myth and mystery.


In his book: The Origins of the Zodiac, Cadair Idris and the Star Maps of Gwynedd , this information is presented in maps on the ground of star maps correlated with the same in the night sky above. The myth is explained and retranslated, as are the landmarks and the corresponding astrological icons associated with each of the signs of the zodiac. It demonstrates a new technique and language analysis so that we can actually listen to our ancient antediluvian ancestors.


Hugh is continuing his research and is writing the concluding companion book The Origin of Time . He will present compelling evidence of the first complete and coherent comprehension and measurement of time by ancient people, and perhaps evidence of humanity’s first telescope.


Hugh is releasing Youtube videos to complement his written work at Origin of the Zodiac and you can visit his website at:


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Milky way seen from a grassy summit in, Nantlle Valley in Gwynedd, Wales.( Chin / Adobe Stock)

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