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The medieval sword after it was dredged out of the Vistula River at Włocławekport, Poland.	Source: Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments In Torun

1,000-Year-Old Sword with Potential Viking Link Recovered From Polish River

A highly contested find has been recovered from the bottom of a river in Poland. The sword is believed to be around 1,000 years in age, with some touting a potential connection to the Vikings that...
The 1,000-year-old Viking sword discovered in Iceland.

1,000-Year-Old Viking Sword Discovered in Iceland by Men Hunting Geese

A group of hunters tracking geese in Skaftárhreppur, South Iceland, brought back more than just birds on their latest trip – they found a 1,000-year-old Viking sword lying completely exposed in the...
Ten Legendary Swords from the Ancient World

Ten Legendary Swords from the Ancient World

Swords are not only weapons, but symbols of great power, used over the centuries as offerings, in ceremonies, for coronations, and as precious items for trade. Over the years, a number of swords have...
Oldest crucible steel weapon in Europe unearthed in Russia

Oldest crucible steel weapon in Europe unearthed in Russia

Sometimes old friends give you a surprise. Russian archaeologists were conducting a routine examination of an old sabre unearthed seven years ago in Yaroslavl -- when it turned out to be oldest...
An Ulfberht sword displayed at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg, Germany

A Step Closer to the Mysterious Origin of the Viking Sword Ulfberht

By Tara MacIsaac , Epoch Times Ulfberht was like a Medieval luxury brand for swords—but unlike your Gucci purse, the swords were of such high quality they were almost … mystical. Dozens of these...