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AI image of the withered hand of a man with a deadly disease. Source: Alexander/Adobe Stock

All The Diseases You Might Have If You Lived in A Medieval City (Video)

Living in medieval cities exposed residents to a myriad of afflictions stemming from unsanitary conditions and limited medical knowledge. Leprosy , caused by the Mycobacterium leprae bacteria, was a...
Pompeii man and woman discovered in the Casa de Fabbro, or House of the Crafsman, in a photograph taken in 1934. Source: Notizie degli Scavi di Antichità

First Complete DNA Sequencing Unveils Truth of Pompeii Victim

The skeletons of a man and woman discovered around 100 years ago, as they were trying to survive the notorious Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD, have been put under the scanner by scientists. Using...
The Danish mummified bishop, Peder Pedersen Winstrup, whose body has provided the latest evidence for the ancient origins of tuberculosis.             Source: Lund University / YouTube screenshot

Mummified Bishop Reveals the Ancient Origins Of Tuberculosis

The ancient origins of tuberculosis have finally been identified after a team of scientists followed a trail of molecular breadcrumbs through the lung of a Danish mummified bishop . Peder Pedersen...
Ancient Chinese Remedy Could Wipe Out Tuberculosis

Ancient Chinese Remedy Could Wipe Out Tuberculosis

A team of researchers have recently found that centuries-old herbal medicine, discovered by Chinese scientists to cure malaria, could also aid in tuberculosis treatment and even slow drug resistance...
A figurine of Pulcinella with his mask

Physician unravels cause of deformities of famous Punch character

The disease that causes the bodily deformations of the Pulcinella character (Punch in Britain) have been the subject of speculation among doctors since at least the 19 th century. Pulcinella’s humped...
This photo shows the mummy of Michael Orlovits in the Mummies of the World exhibition. Dry air preserved the decease people’s bodies and clothing.

Mummified 18th century bodies give scientists clues about spread of TB

Scientists recently examined tissue samples from tuberculosis-infected bodies that were naturally mummified in a church crypt in Vac, Hungary. Researchers found that the tuberculosis that killed them...
Japan Burial Method - Leprosy

Unique burial method in Medieval Japan may be linked to social stigma against leprosy

A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE, has revealed that a unique burial method performed during the 15 th to 18 th centuries in eastern Japan may be associated with social stigma against...
Ancient Origins of Tuberculosis

New Understanding of Ancient Origins of Tuberculosis May Help Find a Cure

New research published in the journal Nature Genetics has revealed that the origins of tuberculosis (TB) did not emerge around 10,000 years ago in animals and then pass to humans, as currently...