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 Illustration of a Viking shield wall (unknown artist)

Dissolving Myths: Vikings Did NOT Hide Behind Shield Walls

By ThorNews According to Rolf Warming, an archaeologist and researcher at the University of Copenhagen, the Vikings did not use shield walls in combat. A typical Viking shield was relatively small...
Borgeby Castle

Bluetooth's Borgeby Castle: Destroyed And Rebuilt For 1000 Years

Borgeby Castle in the Scania Country, in southern Sweden, was originally built in around 980 AD by Harald Gormsson (also known as Harald Bluetooth), an early Norwegian and Danish King. The Borgeby...
Ancient ring fortress - Vikings

Newly-discovered ancient fortress reveals architectural accomplishments of Vikings

Archaeologists in Denmark have discovered a ring-shaped Viking fortress on the Danish island of Zealand, which historians believe may have been used to train warriors before launching an invasion of...