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The celebration involves giving 3 cows to the Spanish. Source: U. J. Alexander / Adobe Stock.

640 Years of Unity: Honoring Europe's Oldest Peace Treaty (Video)

In a remote part of the Pyrenean foothills, where Spain borders France , a centuries-old ceremony commemorates a treaty that is believed to be one of Europe's oldest international agreements still in...
Trail of Tears

The Tragedies that Befell the Five Civilized Tribes that were Forced to Trek the Trail of Tears

The Five Civilized Tribes of the American Southeast tried to assimilate into the European settlers’ society to keep their lands. But the outsiders who coveted their territory didn’t seem to care if...
Recreated Viking helmet and weapon

Burning, Pillaging, and Carving up the Lands: Viking Raids into England - Part II

Vikings in history and popular culture are known as strong and dangerous, bloodthirsty killers, raiders, pillagers – pirates of land and sea. But who were the Vikings, and what were the causes of...
Portrait attributed as Christopher Columbus (Public Domain) Deriv.

Christopher Columbus: Master Double Agent and Portugal’s 007

Henry IV of Spain – known as "The Impotent" for his weakness, both on the throne and (allegedly) in the marriage chamber – died in 1474. A long and inconclusive war of succession ensued, pitting...