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Obelisk at Amun Temple, Karnak, Luxor. Source:  Andrej / Adobe Stock.

How Did They Do it? New Insights on the Ancient Obelisk Transportation Mystery

In the golden sands of ancient Egypt, behemoth stone structures known as obelisks have stood the test of time, narrating tales of a civilization's grandeur and prowess. These magnificent structures...
Roman soldier in front of ancient writing. Source: Nejron Photo / Adobe Stock.

Real Letters from the Roman Front Lines – What Do They Say? (Video)

Real letters from the Roman front lines offer a fascinating glimpse into the everyday lives of ancient soldiers . These letters were the primary means by which soldiers kept in touch with their...
Nakhtpaaten may have been the first commuter, crossing ancient Amarna to his daily job as royal vizier. Illustration of an imagined ancient Egyptian city. Source: KHBandak / Adobe Stock

Walk (to Work) Like an Egyptian: Nakhtpaaten, the First Commuter

In the modern world, traveling to and from work seems to be a relatively easy thing to do. Whether by bus, car, or metro, getting to your workplace is rarely a challenge. But what about the ancient...
The extensive Roman road network has contributed to 2,000 years of economic prosperity for cities and towns that maintained them, according to a recent study. Source: Sean Gladwell / Adobe Stock

Study Reveals Lasting Prosperity Along the Roman Road Network

Some 2,000 years after the Romans established their extensive road network, regions lying along it remain the most affluent, a recent study has found. The Roman road network links contributed to...
A Roman road found in west Wales was the same road used to transport bluestones to Stonehenge according to the latest research. 		Source: Mark Merrony / Oxford University

Stonehenge’s Bluestone Tracks Discovered Beneath Roman Road

An Oxford University archaeologist exploring the Welsh countryside has discovered an ancient Roman road in Wales. He believes it might be the lost route upon which the bluestones were transported to...
The passage of carts over decades could cause ruts (like the one shown), particularly in high-traffic areas of Pompeii.

Romans in Pompeii Repaired the Roads with Molten Iron

The buried city of Pompeii continues to provide many insights into Roman society , economy, and culture. The ash and pumice , that fell on Pompeii from Mount Vesuvius , froze the city in time. A...
Mari, Syria - A ziggurat near the palace.

Nearly Lost from The Pages of History, Mari Is The Oldest Known Planned City in the World

The 7,000-year-old ancient city of Mari (known today as Tell Hariri) is one of the oldest known cities in the world, located on the west bank of the Euphrates River in what was once northern...
Dezful Bridge: The Oldest Usable Bridge in The World Was Built by 70,000 Roman Prisoners

Dezful Bridge: The Oldest Usable Bridge in The World Was Built by 70,000 Roman Prisoners

The city of Dezful, located in present-day southern Iran, once belonged to the ancient and powerful Persian Empire. One of its most iconic landmarks, the Dezful bridge, is the oldest still-standing...
Some of the Abydos boats in their brick-built graves.

The Abydos Boats: Transporting the Pharaohs Through the Afterlife

The Abydos boats are a fleet of ships discovered in the sands of Abydos, Egypt. Sea vessels played an important role in ancient Egypt, not only in the everyday life of its people, but also in its...