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tomb robbers

Security features in ancient tomb. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Smithsonian Channel.

What Maximum Security Meant for Ancient Tomb Raiders (Video)

The kings of the Han Dynasty went to extraordinary lengths to protect their tombs , and within these fortified resting places, ancient tomb raiders faced an imposing challenge. The tomb in this video...
This ancient Egyptian tomb may have been ransacked by priests. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Smithsonian Channel.

Was This Ancient Egyptian Tomb Ransacked by Priests? (Video)

In the heart of the Valley of the Kings lies a mysterious tomb, designated as KV64. This mysterious burial site unveils a tumultuous chapter in ancient Egypt's history. The tomb , untouched and...
Easter Han tomb of Luoyang, Henan Province.

Social Networks Aid Army of Tomb Raiders in China

Looters have been skulking around and digging up family treasures as long as rich sites filled with valuable artifacts have existed, but now gangs have become sophisticated and organized, and are...
Some of the beautiful carvings that have been found in the Song Dynasty tomb, Baisha town, Chongqing, China

Chinese Builders Discover Song Dynasty Tomb with Elaborate Decoration but Robbers Have Stolen the Rest

Researchers have recently investigated an ancient stone tomb in Baisha town of Jiangjin district which was originally discovered by builders of a Chinese secondary school. The site is in Chongqing,...