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Ming Dynasty Shipwrecks Resurface off the Coast of South China Sea

In the depths of the South China Sea, a ground-breaking discovery has captured the attention of archaeologists and historians alike. Two ancient shipwrecks, dating back to the illustrious Ming...
Norse settlement with wood houses. Source: Hauber_Photography / Adobe Stock.

Norse Greenlanders Traveled to North America and Europe for Timber for Five Centuries

When Norse colonists arrived on Greenland in the 10th century, they needed a lot of wood to build houses, storage buildings and ships. While most households relied on wood from trees that grew...
Some of the oak planks unearthed in the foundations of the portico. These planks are an example of those used for building Rome.      Source: Soprintendenza Speciale Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio di Roma, Italy

Imported Timber is the Newly Discovered Secret to Building Rome

An analysis of some 2000-year-old planks of wood has provided amazing insights into the Roman Empire . Experts have been able to establish that timber found in the heart of Ancient Rome was imported...
Part of the Corlea Trackway.

Corlea Trackway Holds the Echoes of 2000-year-old Footsteps

The Corlea Trackway (known also in Irish as Bóthar Chorr Liath ) is a timber trackway dating to the Iron Age. This ancient trackway is located near Keenagh, a village to the south of Longford, in...
Skeletal remains and recreation of a prehistoric timber circle

Burned Bones, Mysterious Timber Circles & the Rites of the Ancients - Adena Culture in Mason County

Mason County, West Virginia is a place rich in history. Founded in 1804, the county is named after George Mason, who was a delegate at the American Constitutional Convention of 1787. In October of...
Main: An aerial photograph of Durrington Walls. In the North, West and South, a line of trees handily outlines the shape of the bank, a faint impression can be seen in the East, however, to the right of the road. The River Avon, and the area where the avenue connected it to Durrington Walls, can be seen in the bottom-right ( Inset: An illustration of a similar wooden henge located at Cairnpapple Hill, Scotland.

Remnants of Gigantic Wooden Henge Found Two Miles from Stonehenge

Archaeologists carrying out excavations at the Durrington Walls earthworks, just two miles from the world-famous stone circle of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, have discovered evidence of an...
The reconstruction of Ringheiligtum Pömmelte

4,300-Year-Old Woodhenge in Germany Revealed to the Public for First Time

The so-called German Stonehenge near Pommelte, where there was apparent human sacrifice, has been under reconstruction for several years and has just opened to the public for the first time. The 4,...
Srubna Culture and their Unique Timber Graves for the Dead

The Bronze Age Srubna Culture and their Unique Timber Graves for the Dead

Not much is known about the ancient Srubna (or Srubnaya) peoples of Eastern Europe as writing and records were either not developed, or the materials they were written on have not survived. As a...