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Left, Representative AI generated Iron age house; Right, Iron Age house remains from the 10th to the 9th century BC in Thorikos, Attica/Greece.	Source: Left, AI generated; Right, Thorikos Archaeological Project Gent-Göttingen

Archaeologists Excavate Earliest Greek Iron Age House Ever Found in Thorikos

A team of archaeologists got quite the surprise when they were digging at a well-established Mycenaean site in Greece located south of Athens. While performing excavations near Thorikos, the...
Sunset at Sounon and Poseidon (Cardaf/Adobe Stock) (Adobe Stock)

Greece’s East Attica In Antiquity: Playground Of Gods, Heroes And Heroines

The seductive scenery along the east coast of Attica in Greece overlooking the Aegean Sea, easily lures one back to an era when mythical gods and goddesses still claimed the land and implored their...
Slaves delved and worked the mines right underneath the acropolis of Thorikos. The mines were just discovered by archaeologists and are rewriting the history of the silver-mining Laurion region.

Silver Mines Within an Ancient Town Shed New Light on the Rich History of Greece

Thorikos, an ancient town in Attica, was the site of a network of 5 kilometers (3 miles) of silver mines right underneath the town’s acropolis. Researchers believe slaves did the hard work of...