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Seth God Statue (Catmando / Adobe Stock)

The Rise And Fall Of Seth, Egyptian God Of Volcanism

Numerous papers have been written about the Egyptian god Seth in recent years, but his essential identity seems to have evaded modern commentators. Seth's role is pivotal in determining the...

Top Stories This Week: Child Snatchers, Haunted Mirrors & A Pharaoh’s True Face

In this top story overview, we highlight our most read articles this week, including a look at the Erkling, a strange mythical snatcher of children, and the fascinating mythology and superstitions...
A recent PNAS study has revealed the extent of the Tera eruption's tsunami wave destruction across the northern Aegean based on Late Bronze Age skeletons found in northern Turkey. 		Source: MiaStendal / Adobe Stock

Shattered Skeletons of Man and Dog From Eruption and Tsunami 3,600 Years Ago

In 2021, archaeologists recovered the shattered skeletons of a man and a dog at a site in Turkey. Their frames were both smashed to pieces, but not by an act of human violence, but by the force of a...
The three Figurines – Cycladic Art

Pre-dating the Minoans: The Cycladic Civilization and Their Unusual ‘Modern’ Art

The Cycladic culture (known also as the Cycladic civilization) is an early Bronze Age culture located in the Cyclades. This culture thrived from around 3200 to 1100 BC, and predated two other major...
Featured image: Elaborate and colorful fresco revealed at Akrotiri.

The precious remains of Akrotiri, an ancient city obliterated in the great eruption of Thera

The destruction of Pompeii by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79 has been preserved in ancient times by an eye witness account, namely that of Pliny the Younger. The literary evidence and...
Impression of Santorini eruption.

Ashes from Santorini’s Cataclysmic Volcanic Eruption Found in Smyrna Excavation

Archaeologists in Turkey excavating the Ancient Greek City of Smyrna have made an important discovery according to Euronews . They have found volcanic ash from perhaps one of the greatest volcanic...
The dramatic eruption of Mt Vesuvius.

Deadly Volcanoes: The Eruptions that Reshaped the World and Became Legends – Part I

When man grows overconfident and full of hubris in his accomplishments and importance, mother nature, or the gods, remind mankind who is really in charge. Or so it may have seemed to the ancients,...
Akrotiri Greece

The ancient settlement of Akrotiri and the mass exodus of Therans

Akrotiri is a Minoan Bronze Age settlement situated on the Greek island of Santorini (classically and more recently referred to as Thera), in the southern Aegean Sea. Buried underneath ash and pumice...
Tempest Stela

Translation of Tempest Stela could change ancient timeline

The Tempest Stela is a 6-foot-tall calcite block found in the 3 rd Pylon of the temple of Karnak in Thebes, modern Luxor. In a new translation of the 40-line inscription, scholars affirm previous...