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Teutonic Order

A stained glass representation of the First Crusade, Crusaders and the siege of Jerusalem. Source:  jorisvo/Adobe Stock

1095: The Bloodiest Year of the First Crusade (Video)

In 1095, a pivotal moment unfolded as Pope Urban II, in a historic address at the Council of Claremont, rallied fervent believers to embark on a crusade, marking the inception of the First Crusade ...
The envoys of the Roman Pope attend Alexander Nevsky by Henryk Siemiradzki (1870) (Public Domain)

Alexander Nevsky – Medieval King Turned Russian Propaganda Tool

Nestled deep within an obscure crevice of Russian history, the tale of Prince Alexander Nevsky and his battle against Western crusaders at first appears as a highly interesting if half-forgotten turn...
Medieval Colonialism: The Danish Duchy Of Estonia

Medieval Colonialism: The Danish Duchy Of Estonia

Within the pantheon of great empires, the Kingdom of Denmark has received very little attention, yet this small European civilization was one the most enterprising of its day following its...
Battle axes from the Battle of Grunwald have been discovered during a sweep by volunteer metal detectorists in Poland. Source: Zwiadowca Historii

Perfect Battle Axes From Battle of Grunwald Found in Poland

A group of Polish detectorists have uncovered an exciting collection of artifacts on the historic site of the Battle of Grunwald which took place in 1410. It includes two perfectly preserved battle...
Main: Cēsis Castle in Latvia (CC by SA 3.0). Inset: Inscription found at Cēsis Castle. Inset: Alens Opolskis

Medieval Inscription Found in Teutonic Knights’ Castle of Cēsis

The famous Cēsis Castle in central Latvia has given up an ancient secret carved within its bloodstained stone walls. Cē sis Castle is one of the most iconic medieval castles in Latvia. Founded in...
Picture taken in Malbork after Wikimania 2010 conference. Panorama of Malbork Castle.

Malbork Castle: Searching for Treasure and Legends in the Shadows of the Teutonic Order

Today, Malbork Castle is a magnificent fortress located in northern Poland, but in the past it was the capital of the Teutonic Order. It was built in the 13th century when the Grand Master decided to...
Main: Teutonic Castle in Malbork, Poland

Murder in Malbork Castle: The Demise of Werner von Orseln, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order

The capital castle of the Teutonic Order at Malbork, Poland, was famous for being unconquered. Apart from many battles around the castle in Malbork, these old medieval walls also saw the...
Duke Margiris defending Pilėnai against Teutonic Knights 1336.

Mass suicide at Pilenai: Lithuanian Defenders Choose Death over Enslavement

The Crusades are best known as a series of military campaigns launched by Western European states, and sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church, aimed at reclaiming the Holy Land from the Muslims...