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Mount Huashan Teahouse, Mount Hua, China. Source: Victor / Adobe Stock.

The Journey to the World’s Most Remote Teahouse (Video)

To savor the simple pleasure of a cup of tea at the Huashan Teahouse on Mount Hua , a journey of determination awaits. The odyssey commences with a 20-minute cable car ascent, granting breathtaking...
Harvesting tea leaves, China. Source:  Anatta_Tan / Adobe Stock.

Searching for China’s Ancient Tea Leaves (Video)

In the remote Tea Mountains of Southwest China lies the secret to experiencing the oldest way of enjoying tea . With dedication and passion, Shunan Tang, owner of Tea Drunk in New York City, embarks...
British woman drinking tea. Source: Masson/Adobe Stock

By Giving Up Sugar in Their Tea, British Women Helped End Slavery

Believe it or not, but by the 1700s, deciding whether or not to take sugar with your tea had become a political statement. While sugar-free diets are now all the rage, the motivations behind this...
Culinary and medicinal spices and herbs on a wooden board

Ancient Herbal Medicine And What To Use At Home To Stay Healthy Today!

“Let food be thy medicine.” – Hippocrates You’d be surprised how your knowledge of natural healing medicines can benefit from the wisdom of our ancient ancestors. Herbal medicine has been in use...
Homemade fermented raw kombucha tea with different flavorings. Source: sveta_zarzamora / Adobe.

Kombucha: Revered For Millennia, But Is It Really A Life Saving Brew?

There have been hundreds of health food trends over the years – from green tea to coconut oil it can be overwhelming to know which of them really do have amazing health benefits . One health food...
An Elegant Party (detail), painting of a small Chinese banquet hosted by the emperor for scholar-officials from the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Leaf Buds Discovered in Tomb of Early Chinese Emperor May Be the Oldest Example of Fine Tea

Archaeologists have identified the oldest known tea in the tomb of Jing Di, a Han Dynasty Chinese emperor who went into the afterlife well-provisioned with food, weapons, a ceramic-animal army and...