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Acai berries staining a hand. Source: Imago Photo / Adobe Stock

Acai Berries: Uncovering a Historic Amazonian Nutritional Powerhouse

You’ve probably heard of the acai berry before. This small, purple fruit is incredibly common nowadays in fruit bowls and smoothies, but did you know it actually has a long and fascinating history?...
Harvesting açaí berry in the Amazon jungle. Source: Imago Photo / Adobe Stock.

The People Who Risk Their Lives to Harvest Açaí (Video)

Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest , there is a fruit that locals have been harvesting for centuries: the açaí berry. Despite its relatively recent discovery in the Western world, the açaí...
Man in the desert extracting camel milk. Source: padraic spencer/EyeEm / Adobe Stock

Camel Milk, The Ancient Liquid Gold Superfood, is Rising in Demand

A U.S. farm is struggling to supply rising demand for bottles of their ancient nomadic survival juice - camel milk. But at $12-$16 a pint, consumers pockets are getting humped. Ancient nomadic and...
 Food in the Maya culture: mural, National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Will Prince Charles Succeed in Reviving Long-Lost Foods from our Ancient Past?

The Prince of Wales has launched a new initiative in the hope of finding “long-lost and unfashionable” foods that could grow in extreme climates and feed millions of people around the world. The...