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Suez canal

The Egyptian Expedition under the orders of Bonaparte, painting by Léon Cogniet (early 19th century) (Public Domain)

Egyptomania: Multitasking Mummies Of The 19th Century

Napoleon Bonaparte’s 18th-century Campaign in Egypt represented a pivotal moment in the quest for knowledge about the history of the ancient Egypt, by then a forgotten civilization that flourished...
Old ruined Ottoman harbor of Suakin, Sudan. Source: robnaw/AdobeStock

The Forgotten Ghost Town of Suakin: A Journey Into Its Thriving Past

Once a thriving port filled with bustling commerce and stunning architecture, the abandoned town of Suakin, Sudan now sits as a crumbling remnant of its past. This town was once known as one of the...
Beautiful panorama with a rainbow over the sea and the coast. The amazing nature of the Arctic. Picturesque northern landscape. Providence Bay, Bering Sea, Pacific Ocean. Chukotka, Far East of Russia   Source: Andrei Stepanov / Adobe Stock

Study Points at Hidden Human History Submerged On ‘Aquaterra’

Today, sea-level rise is a great concern of humanity as climate change warms the planet and melts ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica . Indeed, great coastal cities around the world like Miami and...