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This Germanic image links the stork with death and the underworld. Source: Hanna Gottschalk / Adobe Stock

The Bringer of Souls: The Stork Myth In Ancient Pan-European Beliefs

Ancient beliefs are often a complex puzzle and putting the pieces together can often be extremely challenging. Time has its way with unwritten traditions, and little of what wasn’t written down...
The stork has been a bird of legends through the centuries.	Source: Serghei Velusceac / Adobe Stock

How Stork Legends, Myths and Omens Set Their Place in History

Contrary to what is happening today, humans of the past had close relationships to nature and wild animals. These bonds did not concern only utilitarian aspects, but also involved the sphere of the...
Ancient bronze stork discovered in the Rhodope Mountains in Southern Bulgaria.

Bronze Age Thracian Stork may be Oldest Children's Toy in Europe

Local residents in the area of Zlatograd, Bulgaria, have uncovered an ancient bronze artifact that archaeologists have described as “the oldest children’s toy in Europe”. The supposed toy consists of...